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Thread: Some Cached History :P

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    Default Some Cached History :P

    Ok, I Decided to try my luck at going through the google cache or even the internet cache, too see if I can find some of my old posts or Anything at all

    First off.. Try searching your old username in google with Tbdl Ex. Bobcat Tbdl
    Google will actually pick up Old threads you have posted in before and you can possibly get a hold of some old posts

    Also.. Sadly.. as hard as I have been trying.. I don't think there is anyway to recover any post or thread that has ended up in the archive, apparently from I have noticed, Google doesn't archive those web pages, it just merely caches a short reading of it

    Umm This was an interesting catch

    This only shows the REALLY REALLY Old stuff unfortunately*sr_1nr_30/*

    I found a Alot of the old Adopt A fur Thread





    Sadly pages 1&2 couldn't be found.. but I did what I could there :P
    I dunno if finding old threads does any good.. but personally I think its nice to have "Some" Of our history back :P
    would be a good idea to like.. back up a saved copy of some of your favorite threads as like a saved web page..

    Hmm I dunno when this was archived but it was from a pretty recent thread
    heres what peachys post count and rep was at back then.

    Anyways.. thats about as much I can get soo far.. :P I might post more later
    like.. what my post count and rep was before XD
    Meh.. I was a VIP :P
    Tho I wish we could Upload an Avatar and set our "Custom user title" Again
    maybe theres some way to find out who was a VIP and what their rep and stuff was..either that, or yunno I'm sure the mods know who the trusted people are.. and we all could have a way to post something with out it being seen by non members...Tho thats just a suggstion
    anyways I'm done rambling ........

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    in case anyone didn't know, the way to search within a specific site on google is " query"

    so if you wanted to search for a thread, and you knew the word "heffalump" was in the thread somewhere, you could type " heffalump." then if google has a cache of that page it'll return it.

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    Wow.. *didn't Know that * Thanks! :P

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    w00t! I found a cached page from "the song game" which had to be around xmas time since everyone was using xmas song titles! This is what it said:

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    First of all I wanted to say that I've gotten all Member lists and the oldest is from the 18th but most are from later then that.

    And the adopt a fur Thread page one is here

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    *sniff* couldn't find any of my best own posts cached, just ordinary stuff

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    As far as I know, the cached old forum posts wouldn't help out on recovering the database. And if you're all linking to all this in the hopes of moo somehow restoring your post counts or rep.... Well, I doubt that'll all happen.

    Either the data gets recovered, and we get the old forums back, or it doesn't, and we stay here and start over.

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    I think this was the latest one I could find of me. And yes I know this won't mean a thing for recovery, I just did it out of pure interest :p
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