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Thread: What do you find rude?

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    Default What do you find rude?

    A mini rant here:

    I hate it when people send me a PM but then don't read my reply when I answer. I hate it when people are talking to me and they are asking me questions but yet won't answer mine when I ask them questions. I find those to be rude.
    I also hate it when people ask me a question and I answer it but then I ask them the same question back, they don't answer it. So rude.

    On Yahoo Answers, someone decides to post a question asking if anyone with any autism spectrum disorders would like to chat and then she said she wants to chat about the condition. So I do it but I didn't know I was going to be her guinea pig. She was asking me questions like what ASD forums I go to, what ASD books have I read, what autism I have but then I asked her several couple questions and she answered none of them.
    So I had a mini meltdown and blocked her at YA and removed her as a contact and deleted her emails and went to one of the autism forums she joined (thanks to me) and posted in her thread what she does. I was sending a warning to the other members there so they won't fall in the same trap.
    I also found that rude what she did and it upset me.

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    I find a lot of things rude, I'm quite easily offended I guess. What I find to be the most rude, however, is perhaps people not saying Thank You when I hold a door open for them. Or when people spontaneously start dirty RP's in a public IRC channel. You know who you are. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babymullet Ver 9.8 View Post
    If I'm asleep and people wake me up.
    That actually happened to me less than an hour ago and by god I agree with you, its the most annoying thing in the world.

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    I abso-fuckin-lutely hate it when people are judgmental and base an opinion on somebody based off of their looks or who they date. It's rude and disgusting and is the main reason why I hate society. A little example here: I knew a girl in the eight grade with Treacher-Collins Syndrome (causes disfigurement of the face) along with mild autism. Now, she was one of the nicest people I ever knew, but everybody ignored her because she looked different. So, in turn, people hated me too for no freaking reason.

    Another thing is when people try to make people's life decisions for them. If I wanna go and not eat McDonald's because it makes me sick, then I'm not going to let you take me to mothafuckin' Mickey D's because all the cool people do it and ruin their colons. Same if somebody wants to smoke or drink or eat junk food. Don't try to make people's life decisions for them. Gosh, worry about your own damned selves!


    Sorry, just had to go out and really rant for a bit. Rargh.

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    I find anything rude if it means not getting my way. Oh, and I'll do the same thing back and it's alright.

    Yep, self-absorbed hypocrite. ha!

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    When you're talking to someone, telling them a story, and they suddenly interrupt you and go off about their own related story. Usually happens in groups of at least three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    When you're talking to someone, telling them a story, and they suddenly interrupt you and go off about their own related story. Usually happens in groups of at least three.
    Yeah, it's annoying, but it happens with just about everyone.

    Short-term memory lasts like, 30 seconds on average. People learn very quickly in their lives that if they don't interrupt and say what they want to say right then, they'll probably forget to say it, so they develop the (bad) habit of interrupting.

    Iunno what I find rude... I guess whatever I yell at people for...

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    I find it rude when a man is standing at the urinal in a public restroom and farts as he relieves himself.

    I find it rude when you hold the door open for somebody and they don't recognize the courtesy.

    I find it rude when somebody walks into you and doesn't apologize.

    I find it rude when people don't mind their backpacks, purses, and knapsacks in close quarters.

    I find it rude when people choose not to shut their fucking kids up when they're being pains in the ass in a public place.

    I find it rude when people assume that because I've kindly given one person the right of way (say, if they're turning out of a parking lot) that I'll give the same courtesy to the person right behind them.

    I find it rude when people refer to things they don't actually monetarily own as "my" stuff. (i.e., a fourteen year-old kid who says, "My car," when he really means his parents' car; referring to a DVD player as "my DVD player" if it's a family-shared object.)

    I find it rude when people refer to their friends' parents by their first names, even if implored. I don't care if you want to be called Janet or Jack; I will call you Mr. and Ms. Smith. The same goes for teachers.

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    I find it exceedingly rude when people go all crazy and take something that would best be addressed in private out to the world. I've not had anything like that in Yahoo Answers, but there have been a few times over the years where people will complain or kvetch or otherwise be difficult because of something that was trivial and easily addressed in a couple lines of PM.

    About the Yahoo Answers experience you had: that's just plain odd.

    Damn you, Dawes. With the exception of the first one, this matches up with some of my list. Especially the last one. Parents are Mum and Dad, not "Bill" or "Olivia." Friends' parents are Mr. and Mrs. Foobar, not "hey you," or "Fred" or "Judy."

    On honorifics, undergrads can call me "Doctor <Name>" or "Professor." Grad students with whom I directly work may call me <first name> in private. Peers will be beaten if they call me "Doctor <Name>" or "Professor" when there are no undergraduate students or laypeople around.

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