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    I just got a HDTV from my grandparents for an early chrismas present and it's great. Ok now here's were I need your help. I'm on my Xbox 360 trying to change the screen resolution thing to HDTV but I can't find what kind it is. 1080I, 1080P that sort of thing. Can you help me out? It's a Sharp Aquos LC-32DA5U.

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    I would suggest, from my own experience, that you set the Xbox to output at 720p. It will only render certain things (e.g. the Dashboard) in 1080i/p anyway - non-Arcade games are all rendered well below even 720p, despite Microsoft's promises at the E3 where they announced the 360 ("all games will render at 720p, with 4x FSAA!!!"), so you won't be losing any quality by "downgrading" from 1080i to 720p, but you will get rid of the interlacing, which can be quite noticable on certain games (I found Guitar Hero/Rock Band to be particularly bad with it).

    My main TV does 1080p, but before we got a HDMI-enabled 360 we had to use component cables which introduced ghosting when set to 1080p. 1080i got rid of the ghosting, but introduced unbearable interlacing, so we dropped it down to 720p, which wasn't noticably worse.

    Try both and see which you prefer, I guess

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    My experience with the 360 is that the game determines the output mode... If you can do 1080p over HDMI cabling, then definitely go that route, but even 720p will look much better, expecially if you're coming from a standard definition tv.

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    Thanks guys. I've noticed that it depends on the games lighting. GTA IV it's really dark at night and really bright during the day. It also looks amazing when playing a game heavly lighted like Smackdown vs Raw 2009.

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    On a 32" tv, running 720p should be just fine (between 720P, 1080i, and 1080P on a 32" tv the only difference will be motion really). The only reason why you might want to get an HDMI cable instead of component cables would be for sound quality, if youre hooking it up to a sound system or anything, HDMI delivers the highest quality sound. Just a side note.

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    If you're hooking it up to a sound system, you may very well have a S/PDIF optical input and digital decoder, thus rendering HDMI's audio irrelevant You ain't getting better quality audio than AC3 delivered over fibre optic cable

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