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Thread: Wal-Mart Site to Store

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    Default Wal-Mart Site to Store

    Has anyone tried the Wal-mart site to store service for diapers? What kind of Molicares do they have and what to expect pickinbg them up?

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    i dont know ordered a pack yesterday but not to store they ship to my P.O. box should be here tommarrow

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    I believe they have the Super Plus, as well as Abenas. I can't vouch for the ease of use, though. Sadly, there isn't a Wal-mart within biking distance.

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    I just ordered a power inverter and it came in a package. What you can do is buy a walmart gift card set up and account, order your product through the website, then when it arrives you will recieve an email with the order # then you show some proof of ID and and tell them your number and your good. At least that's how it was from the power inverter. Overall it's a great idea for those who are too nervous to order from a pharmacy or worry about delivery.

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    from what ive seen in other posts about this, they are the super plus and are shipped to the store in the manufacturer box. I also slightly remember someone saying they are shipped in a brown box and with the original box in that, but that just seems so illogical that i think im remembering wrong

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    So they deffinatly are the super pluses?

    If so, I'm going to have to order some.

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    I dont know 100% that they are super plus, but its what i remember people saying, and its the only thing that explains the high price.

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    Yup, 100% Super Plus. All you need to do when you get there is give them the print-out of your order (you'll get it once you put on all the credit card shiznat) and proof of your I.D. But, the box kinda has "Molicare" written on the side. Still pretty discreet, but not as much as it could be. :/

    Just don't light a smoke bomb in the car while you're going there, no matter how long the red lights are. Sparky did that, and it was not pretty.

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    I just checked their site and they appear to no longer have site to store shipping for the Molicares. Anyone else notice this, or am I doing something wrong?

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    I've checked them out they still have Molicare ""

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