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    Does anyone have a cool 'time wasting' website?
    I am doing online classes, and I want to go somewhere irrelevant to wind down.
    I have a couple to start off: a funny picture site, and they have viral videos it exposes all of the 'easter eggs' in movies, TV, music, etc. Easter eggs are little references and in-jokes that have nothing to do with the story. Online encyclopedia, you can learn damn near anything there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanksforallthefish View Post
    Weebls-stuff is always good fun - Welcome - Weebl's Stuff
    At summer camp, we had this game we played every week where the looser had to do some kind of bad thing that's on a weel. One of the things was to watch a weebls stuff video looped for an hour. Someone got it and chose the crabs song (he wanted owls, but that song was not allowed because it is actually enjoyable to listen to). I was there when he did it, and I can still recite the entire song, including the random noises at the end.

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    If you're into facebook, it's one of the biggest time-wasters ever for those who use it.
    You could get into blogging or LJ; that tends to eat time, and you have something to show for it.
    News websites like CNN can be pretty good, especially if you're into politics.
    I have a rotation of webcomics: xkcd, Questionable Content, Something Positive, Penny Arcade, Dilbert, Order of the Stick, Wondermark, Megatokyo, Two Lumps, VG Cats, Dinosaur Comics, 8 bit theatre... great for unwinding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuteGaachan View Post

    I heard of that one!

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    Twitter, but it depends on who you follow. When you follow Weird Al Yankovic or the Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax crew: Michael J Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy, they usually post something funny.


    Want to start meeting w/either "Talk to me people" or a slow clap followed by a sarcastic "Well, well, well." Can't make it sound natural.


    alyankovic - Just had some work done on my eyes.

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