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Thread: Fursuit - Show n' Tell

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    Default Fursuit - Show n' Tell

    I'm kinda surprised to not see this thread already so I guess better late than never, right?

    So if you have a suit, share them pics! If you don't, no need to fret. Do you have any concept art of what you want to turn into a future suit? Share it. Maybe you have a favorite suit you admire of someone else? Share it.

    The point of this thread is to fill it with fursuits. So cmon fuzzballs, get cracking. I'll share mine once I see some decent activity in here.

    Try to resize your pics if necessary please.

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    His name is sandy wolf. I made him in 2009.

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    here's mine, in all his mischeivous cone stealing glory. taken in London by a friend of mine near St. Pauls Cathedral. there are a few more in my album and plenty on furaffinity if you search "Ozone" :P

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    Hey Colf, I didn't know you had a suit.

    Looks exactly like your Marci badge.

    Same goes for Pamperchu and Muira: looking good guys!

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    see my avatar over there?


    Bam, thats my idea for a suit

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    I'll post pics when I get one made. :P

    I know somebody local that will make me one if I just buy the supplies. xD

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    My plan for a suit is Link's outfit (tunic, sword, shield, whatnot) while wearing the Keaton mask. I can make all of it myself except for the mask, I would have to buy that.

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    link. you are such a zelda nerd. THANK YOU FOR BEING A ZELDA NERD. we need more of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessePup View Post
    link. you are such a zelda nerd. THANK YOU FOR BEING A ZELDA NERD. we need more of you.
    You are very welcome. If it wasn't for Zelda, I wouldn't be a furry.

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