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Thread: Nearly witnessed a tragic event

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    Default Nearly witnessed a tragic event

    Hey, wasn't really sure about the title but that will do.

    So, i was on my way to work and my dad was driving. We were going past a school, and there was a pelican crossing ahead that just turned red. So a young boy (near 7) ran across because he saw the green man.

    Sadly, this pathetic ... lady (tries not to swear) jumped the red light! It was horrifying, she wasn't paying attention and jumped a red light for a public crossing spot right outside of the school?

    Luckily the young boy looked as well, he was half way across the road and suddenly stopped and fell over. The lady swerved slightly and carried on driving after looking behind her for a second. What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Would you really nearly hit a child, after jumping a red light, and only look for a second and carry on driving?

    I felt so sorry for him, he ran to his mum and started to cry, pointing to the car as if he was saying it wasn't his fault (off course it wasn't)

    And i am currently learning to drive, this has really put me off it. Well i guess i know to be extra careful! I was full of anger at work, couldn't believe she never stopped..

    Just sharing, possibly post something similar if anything has happened to you?

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    Yeah, I hate people too.

    It sickens me that they have lollipop ladies on frigging Zebra Crossings during going-to-school hours. Do people really just drive through them?!

    People go slightly insane whilst driving it seems; people do anything to save time!
    It's a shame there's no red light cameras; they seem to exist in America and London.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    PEdestrian LIght CONtrol; a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights that are controlled by pedestrians.
    Thanks for that. I couldn't understand why he was chasing a pelican :P

    Drivers where I live are historically bad. But I hear other places have even worse drivers. Where are some places with good ones?

    Good thing the kid had good (falling down) reflexes!

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    I almost got hit by a car yesterday. I ride my bike on the sidewalk because the drivers down here in toronto are terrible and hate cyclists with a burning passion. So the light turns green and the white man appears, so I begin my bike across the intersection. A car approaches the intersection at blinding speeds ad signals that he's turning right. I thought he waqs going to see me and stop. No such luck. He rounded the corner and seemed bound and determined to hit me. One glance in the windshield and I saw that he was looking directly at me. Lukily, I slammed on my rear brake and turned, drifting to a sharp stop just as he whizzed past me less than a foot away.

    People lose exactly 80% of their mental capabilities when they get behind a wheel. It's a known fact.

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    It's really not nice, i felt so sorry for the boy. I just wanted to get out and give him a hug, make sure he's OK. (i love kids :P)

    But yea, i just couldn't believe how close it was

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    I've had my fair share of people jumping the lights at crossings, I usually react fast enough to dodge and land a good hard kick on their side pannel as they pass or if they do slam to a halt just short of me they get two balled fists on the bonnet (hood) for being an ass. Ive sometimes wondered how many cars I've dented over the years....

    As for the cycling issue, I dont ride anymore. Not since a white van man gave me bruised ribs and wrecked my bike back in my schooldays.

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    If your just learning to drive the best advice I can give you when it comes to kids on the sidewalk or on a bike, is to give yourself room to manuver out of there path.

    If the whole road is clear ahead, change lanes go wider than you would normaly, just a few weeks ago 3 kids on skate boards and scooters just ran out infront of me crossing the road, there was a crosswalk a few yards up the road but kids will take shortcuts without thinking or looking for cars.

    If you see a kid on the side of the road/street whatever get prepaired to step on the brake and make a move, it only takes seconds to ruin both of your lives.

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    NExt time you notice a driver doing something like that, write down the license plate number and take it to the police. Since I assume you were at least 2 people in the car, you should have a witness to confirm your accusations.
    The punishment for running a red light (no matter what kind of red light) over here and putting other people at risk (in your case the young kid) is 320 Euros, 4 points on her license and 1 month suspension of her license. I'm sure you don't get off any cheaper in the UK.


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    I live by Chicago, and I have had the pleasure of driving there. That is horrible. I have never seen anywhere with more aggressive drivers, or people that just walk across the street whenever they want.

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