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Thread: Doubler/Stuffer Placement Strategies

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    Default Doubler/Stuffer Placement Strategies

    So, with my Bambinos, I have their large sized stuffers. I generally place it towards the front, with the top edge aligning with the top of the leak guards. However I find that this sometimes causes leaks, if I'm pointed to one side or the other. I think this may have something to do with the stuffer making the leak guards more shallow.

    So, what are other's placement strategies?
    (For any sort of diaper/stuffer combination, not just Bambinos)

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    I put the Quadro Pads in the center of the diaper so the soaker is equal in height front and back. When you place the pad in the diaper make sure the inner standing leg gathers are raised above the pad, and you should also should stand up the gathers more before you put the bambino on. If you do this you should not have anymore leaks its what works for me.

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    I think the trick is just to make sure the diaper is on tight enough.

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    I put 2 stuffers inside the diaper side by side. saves money and they hold more. normaly ill use goodnites or pampers 7 for stuffers.

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    I prefer Pamperchu's way of stuffing diapers. That way you don't have the problem with the leak guards.

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    I like to sandwich a stuffer between two regular diapers. I put on the first diaper and I tear the plastic backing so that liquid can pass. I then cover it with a second diaper and insert a stuffer as usual. In this fashion the stand up leak guards of the first diaper are not compromised. I wear plastic pants over the double diaper and I have never leaked when diapered this way. It also looks nice and neat and is very thick and comfy, too.

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