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    So I found a local pharmacies that sells Molicare. I don't know if the classic plus is the only kind they sell, I should have asked. I bought them anyway because I'm off work tomorrow because of a foot of snow coming in tonight. Man these diapers are thin as hell, and they only hold about 1.5-2 wettings. The one good thing about them is the fact that are crinkly. They make more noise than any other diaper that I have tried. Unfortunately I will not be buying these again and I have 40 diapers to use up. Oh well now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Go Joe

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    I have some in my collection. I think they are one of the most comfortable diapers I have ever worn. But you are right they are uber thin and don't hold much.

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    I have Molicare diapers, I dont know the model, but they are comfy and thin. I think they have better absorbency than most of my collection. I wear them when I go to movies. they arent classics, I know that much. I think Classics are the basic and cheapest they make.

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    For as thin as they are, the classic pluses do perform well. Better than Depends. Also, they are pretty cheap. Aren't there like 30 in one bag? I prefer the Molicare Super. They have plastic backing, but cloth sides. I like that part. They are really comfy and have nice absorbency.

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    Yeah I could believe that I actually got 40 in one bag for twenty bucks. I ended up dong some diaper surgery and stuffing 3 diapers worth of stuffing into one and it held a lot. I thought I was going to break through the plastic. They are better than depends but they are the super models which for the price I know they won't be

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    I finally got the nerve to order Molicare Super Plus at our local Med Supply, and they accidentally got me a case of these crummy supers. I was soooo disappointed. They are nothing like the Super Plus. It was awkward to tell the proprietor why I didn't want to buy the case he special ordered for me. "Ya know, I really prefer the thick purple ones. Could ya get me some of those?". lol

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    Hey if you ask for something specifically ... might as well take the little extra step and inform them they ordered the wrong ones.... bring it up casually, they might have just made an honest mistake =\

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    I wear cloth so I'm no expert, but I think you are all going to see disposable diapers getting thinner. I heard on the news that Procter and Gamble has developed a new material which allows Pampers to be thinner. I'm guessing that this new material will be seen in many other brands.

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