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Thread: Hello, everyone!

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    Default Hello, everyone!

    I'm a university student in the physical sciences/maths, and I like computers and coding pretty well, too. I'm really interested in optics and lasers, nuclear science, fractal geometry, and cosmology. Computational and experimental methods are where I tend to fall. I'm getting more into electrical engineering too, so who knows... maybe I'll get some more training in that someday as well.

    I commute and go most anywhere else by bicycle. The hills around here make cycling pretty strenuous, not to mention the weather... this is not the sunny south! But rain or shine, winter or summer, I'll be lugging knapsacks full of books and fresh veggies home on the bike. I have dreams of modding my bike into an xtracycle, but as a starving student, I'll need to sock away a bit more cash before that happens. I also have plans to someday string a bunch of LED's and switches on gloves: wearable turn-signals! (since one of the most irritating things about biking is that it's hard to hand-signal in the dark).

    Reading is a great love of mine, and although I'd list a set of favorite genres, I'm not sure I can do so well. Currently, I'm making my way through the Golden Compass trilogy, and I'm a particular fan of Mercedes Lackey, Juliet Marillier, Robin McKinley, and Isabel Allende. I like Stephen King when he's being not too terrifying; Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite of his works. I also love poetry, particularly Pablo Neruda, Alfred Tennyson, Sir Walter Scott, Juana Inez de la Cruz, and Alfred Noyes. Silly romantic stuff like that of Jane Austen, as well as more modern (and considerably less chaste!) authors, is my guilty pleasure.

    Just recently, I got into both tabletop RPG's and older console RPG's (think Zelda, FF7, Chrono Trigger...). It's been loads of fun and I'm looking forward to branching out more, particularly with tabletop.

    I'm also tentatively making my way into amateur bodybuilding. Since I have disabilities, this is sort of a far-off dream, but I've been doing pretty well, and it's really exciting to start to see my work paying off.

    Finally, I'm slowly getting back into music after having to abandon my plans to pursue a performance major in college. The aforementioned disabilities put a pretty major hitch in my progress as a musician, but I'm regaining hope that I'll be able to play again with time.

    I'm very new to acting "young", but it's something that I've sort of pushed back before now. My childhood wasn't super-fun, and I feel there were a lot of things I missed out on. Right now, it's finally hit me that I could go back and regain some of those lost experiences. I tend to be really, really girly... I love ribbons, bows, sparkles, shimmery dresses, paper dolls, painting... stuff like that. (I know my username probably sounds pretty silly, but it's actually a nickname from one of my friends... ) Lately, I've had some really good experiences with diapers, although I'm super-new to it. Right now, I'm trying to understand myself better, and meet some other people who maybe share my interests and experiences. I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you!

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    Hi Satin, welcome to ADISC. Nice introduction!

    Your fields of study sound fascinating... It would be really interesting to hear more about them sometime.

    Great to hear that you've started to get in touch with your 'younger' self. I hope you're feeling comfortable about it, and continue to have fun exploring!

    If you ever feel like a chat, say hi sometime

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    you sound.. optamistic.. anywho im Left if you even consider thinking about making the billonth joke about my alais i will... *cough* welcome to site!

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    Welcome to ADISC! You seem pretty nice..

    Computers... You already having something else in common with, like, half of the people here... ^_^

    And as a side note, I'm pretty sure the Golden Compass Trilogy is called the "His Dark Materials Trilogy" (I just checked, and I'm right. ) Nothing major, just a little tidbit of information.

    Your introduction is really nice, much better than most of the ones we see here, and your username isn't the worst I've seen either..

    Hmm... You seem to be interested in a lot of different things, no? Jack of All Trades, much? :tongue:

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    MMMmmm nice intro all right... You take music seriously then... could you list half a dozen video links maybe that are representative of your listening pleasure? What would have been your instrument if you had pursued the performance major?

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    Wow, somones got quite the intro :3

    Warm welcomes from adisc! or... Cold welcomes from the washington country *snickers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by satinprincess View Post
    I also have plans to someday string a bunch of LED's and switches on gloves: wearable turn-signals! (since one of the most irritating things about biking is that it's hard to hand-signal in the dark).
    There was a really good guide on the WWW a while ago about conductive thread, LEDs, and micro-switches. IIRC, MIT Media Labs made a biking jacket that included turn signals on the back.

    I like Stephen King when he's being not too terrifying; Eyes of the Dragon is my favorite of his works.
    Ahhh! I like this; no one gives Flagg his due.

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    A intro that wasn't less than three sentences! Let's hope we can continue this trend because I know for myself it makes me take you more serious, sincere even. So thank you for taking that time to share with us.

    I like your idea about hand signals for bikers at night too. I'm surprised it hasn't been done already because I know I use to be scared as shit when I was riding a bike to work at 1am at night for a six mile trek. Implement them into the gloves and you be golden.

    Just promise us when you cash in on this idea that you'll remember us little people. And the beer tab is on you, right?


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    Distant Wolf: Thanks for the welcome! Science isn't that interesting on a day to day basis, unfortunately... mostly stuff like troubleshooting electronics and trying to figure out where your lab mate hid the filter you need.

    Left: I usually am accused of being pessimistic, so I think that's a step up. Thanks! I can't imagine what joke I'd make about your username, so I think you're safe from me.

    Mesmerale: I picked the alias on a whim... it was really late, and I wasn't being particularly creative. Meh. You're right about Dark Materials; I didn't want to leave the warmth of my bedroom to go check. If I'm a jack of all trades, I'm a master of none... I always wish I had more time to devote to my various interests. By the way, I really like your userpic.

    Raccoon: I studied classical piano for fourteen years, and picked up voice as a teenager. Hmm, videos... I'll give it a shot:
    YouTube - Nightwish Wish I had An Angel - Official Music Video
    YouTube - Matkan Lopussa - Moonsorrow
    YouTube - Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück
    YouTube - DEBUSSY - La Terrasse des audiences du clair de lune - PIETRO RIGACCI
    YouTube - Elysian Fields - Black Acres
    YouTube - Arthur Rubinstein - Grieg Piano Concerto 1st mov (1)

    FalloutFox: Yeah, sorry, it went a little long. It is freezing here! The temperatures have been in the mid twenties during the day!

    h3g3l: I figured someone had done this already, but I probably didn't look carefully enough. Thank you for the info; I will look it up! I love Flagg... actually, Dennis was my favorite character from Eyes

    Statik: If I make a mint from a signaling gloves design, beer will totally be on me. I totally agree about the scary nighttime bike adventures. There's a bridge between school/work and home, and drivers around here don't know how to merge, so I'm always having near death experiences due to buses deciding they don't have to yield, or SUV drivers not looking where they're going. Thanks for the warm welcome; it's nice to meet you!

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    Default WELCOME satinprincess!!!

    :bunny:Welcome to ADISC, satinprincess! Great intro, I feel i got a sense of who you you are and what you're about. I got a feeling you're going to fit in here just fine! Enjoy your time here.:bunny:

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