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Thread: *Lands in thread, startled*

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    Default *Lands in thread, startled*

    Well, I happened across this site and decided to join, as it seemed to have some similar interests with me. I have been interested in, of course, wearing diapers since I was quite young. My best friend and I joked and messed around about it when we were little. So, subsequently, it was only natural it progressed into a casual thing.

    Alright, I am sure you will get to know me as I post, who wants brownies?

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    Good Morning

    And welcome to ADISC

    Do you have any hobbies in particular?

    Are you at school/college? Or do you work?

    Let us know you a bit


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    Ah. Well when it comes to hobbies I alternate between furious bouts of reading, writing, and video games. Erm...I love to swim, I can be rather quiet around pretty much everyone, and I am about as ADD as humanly possible.

    Currently I am in my Freshman Year of College, in fact I am in the middle of finals week. I thought I would take a break for a bit and I stumbled across this site :P

    As far as random things my username is based off of a character that I write with and, typically, use as my "persona" while online. I would go into it, but no one is allowed to see my writing. It stinks XD

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    You stole My NAME!

    No, no that's fine, a lot of people use winged.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wingedman8822 View Post
    You stole My NAME!

    No, no that's fine, a lot of people use winged.

    Well I have been in between usernames lately, and I just made this one, sorry :P Every name I use has to do with birds or wings though :P

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    What do you like to read? Personally I'm a bit of a Jodi Picoult fan, and a Harry Potter freak.

    What sort of writing do you do?

    I'm not into gaming, but there are lots of people here who are

    Ooooh. Nice, good luck with any exams/ assessments. I have my first exam in three and a half hours


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    No, really, it's fine.

    I've seen like 5 wingedmans on the web.

    But anyway, welcome to adisc, we hope you enjoy your stay!

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    I love the name and subject line--reminds me of ducks. (Or other aquatic birds...I don't think coots are ducks, but 'lands startled' reminds me of a particular coot I found in a parking lot, apparently having been massively relocated by a wind storm.)

    Welcome, and keep up the writing. I fight writer's block on a daily basis, and I admire folks that don't have problems getting words on pages.

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    Thanks for the welcoming, and, as far as writing goes, I only write fictional works, typically fantasy or sci-fi, or whatever strikes me fancy. It is just something to do for fun and to relax, kind of like diapers in that regard :P

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