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Thread: Thread For Canadians

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    Default Thread For Canadians

    Tought id throw on a thread to See how many Canadians lurk around here
    being Adisc is a popular place

    Most time you only see much people in or around Usa or similar
    or maybe I am wrong and theres as many from Canada ?

    So let's see if we have allot Of Canadiens lurking around here too !
    and around what Province are you lurking from

    <-- Im Lurking From New Brunswick here
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    I Really Gotta Visite Alberta , my cousins now live there
    i have To make an excuse

    I So Have To Go Shop at the Edmonton Mall ' Looks Like a nice place !
    Then Again ? Maybe i could Permantly live in that mall !

    Does have Practically anything you might need !
    dood where ya live ! Uh i live in the mall haha!

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    Quote Originally Posted by satyrical View Post
    Nova Scotia!
    Same here!

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    P.S. this should get moved. It's not really diaper talk more off topic.

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