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Thread: My second order from Jumpin Jammerz

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    Default My second order from Jumpin Jammerz

    Ok, I didn't really know which board to post this on, but this is close enough. Anyway, some of you may have read my other thread about getting my first sleeper from jumpin jammerz. Anyway, the first one I ordered went very smoothly, got it in about a week. After getting the first one my basic thought was OMG!!! Why did I deprive myself of these for so many years!

    So, almost immediately after getting the first one, I ordered a second one. This one, I went with one size smaller, and one of the micro jammers that should be a bit cooler. On the site for the ones I wanted (silly skullz, in case any of you were wondering) it did specifically say that "they were on pre-order and should be in the warehouse in about a week" I'm cool with that, I'm in no rush.

    Anyway, I'm kind of posting this as an advisory that if they say they are on pre-order, it might be quite a bit longer than one would think it would to receive them. Just to give a time-line, I ordered on November 10th, the website said they were on pre order, as of today apparantly they are still not in stock. They did however charge my credit card.

    I did put in an email to them to see about the status, so hopefully I'll hear back, but I figured I'd at least post this here so people know. I'm in no way complaining about them, from what I've seen their quality is excellent, and I'm sure they have no control over supply delays.

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    I have 2 baby blue fleece ones as well, and 1 dark red fleece one... they are soo comfy!

    Just one problem, they make it really hard to get out of bed in the morning

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    Nice i have the polar fleece dalmatian one. They are really comfortable.

    Was anyone else surprised in the size of the box that they came in? It was super small.

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    Out of stock issues are pretty much the most vague description in the world. Even Miss Cleo could do a better job predicting when an item will come back in stock than an out of stock item. So many factors have to come together to get new stock in, so I would always anticipate more than what is said on a website or store.

    And they're sweet. I have a dolphinz fleece one myself, super comfy, although my partner is usually the one to steal it at night and wear it, not complaining though.

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    I got mine in a (business) day, despite the rather long distance between Phoenix and here. BUt I made sure to choose only those sleepers that were actually in stock.

    By the way: THey offer 20% off all new orders currently

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