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Thread: Time for a new look, Help?!?!

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    Default Time for a new look, Help?!?!

    Ok, I am tired of my hair. And seeing as I can not just try out a bunch of wigs I need to get it right. So I need help. I want somthing funky, and with color purple, Blue, even Pink or unatural red. I am willing to go as short as my chin if it is straighted but I need peoples opinions. this is my hair when I get it cut now. at the moment it hangs below my sholders. I need somthing to make people stop thinking i am joking when I say I am an artist, purhaps remind myself a bit about myself as well.

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    I had the same haircut from when I was a kid until I was like 16. Then one day I was like "mohawk", and that's pretty much how it's been since. Not some lame fohawk, or some half-hearted attempt where you keep your hair normal and just sorta have a higher strip down the middle. You gotta commit - shaved sides, super high stripe. Great conversation starter, and you get that lovely reaction from people who want to say something negative but won't, plus them looks from people you think you're some kind of punk delinquent. Yeah, go with that. Or die it a different colour every 11 days... that'll throw people off.

    Or, if you wanna be super cool, do it liek Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element. That would be hardcore.

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    Honestly, I love the long-haired look, especially when it's pulled back into a ponytail that's thrown over the shoulder. That's how I keep mine when I'm working so my hair won't get into my paint.

    But, if you really want it cut, think of something that will make a lasting impression. I cut my hair in two little layers on each side of my head so it looks like I have puppy ears, and my naturally wavy hair makes it look even cuter. (looks a lot like my avi, might upload pics after this freaky breakout goes away. :/)

    So, really, think about what you are and what reminds you of yourself, then just kinda go from there. I'm sure you'll look darling, no matter what you choose.

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    haha I do not know that anything that outragus would go with my face, plus I still need to be able to "tame" it down when I want to look professional. so stripes are as much color as I want, that is eye poping, but I while I have an idea what I want, I do not want to lock it in.Much like this, but as for the color I am thinking my natural red with purple, or fire red with purple or blue

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