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Thread: Hi I'm Dallas!

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    Talking Hi I'm Dallas!

    Yay! Yeah I'm sure some of you from TBDL know me from a while ago. But speaking of which, what did happen to TBDL?

    So um yeah... I'm Dallas, that is my first name. It's kinda weird having a major city for a name. But it happens... I'm 18 years old. I'm a hippie. Let's see... I work at a grocery store as a dairy/stock/produce associate. Well at least until i graduate high school and college.

    I love music! Wootah! I love Grunge, Alternative, Metal, and Punk. I'm in band. We call ourselves Silent Keeping. We stand for the preservation of peace and love and always believing in what you fight for, along with making awsome music.

    I'm transgender MtF. And I've faced alot of discrimination from my high school, namely my principal and school board. I mean I wear girl pants 100% of the time and occasionally a girl t-shirt. But oneday I decides to wear a skirt to school and all of a sudden that becomes a problem. I had everyone talking about it, even the homecomming king and dozens of teachers were on my side. But sadly in a small southern town like this, it's hard to get stubborn people to accept people for who they truely are...

    But anyway, yeah I suppose I'm somewhere between a dl and tb ??? I guess it bothered me at one point that I couldn't figure it out. But then some buddies over there at TBDL taught me that labels aren't important.

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    yay!! it's dallas! good to have you back!

    *hugs dallas*

    stick around and do some posting. it's all about the love.

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    Hey I remember you!
    Welcome back

    TBDL's entire site got formatted by accident >

    You're brave..... great job though

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    Welcome back!

    All the old members pouring back into the new site - yay!

    And congrats on your bravery to face the troubles of being more open about your true feelings/gender!


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    Hey Dallas! I remember your name.

    Wow, kudos to you for being so brave! Your picture is cute too... so they should have nothin' to complain about!

    So I don't want to sound ignorant or anything, but do you go by he or she? Just for future reference. =D

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    Welcome back Dallas. I think I remember you.
    Eitherway, the message is up there. Have a nice stay while your at it :P

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    Wow thanks guys. I really appreaciate the warm welcome back. And wow that's an interesting but awsome story about tbdl and adisc. Sounds like we're making headway.

    And you're not being ignorant mandi. That's actually a great question. In all honesty I really don't care. I've been called worse than he or she in the past so it's all good lolz.

    But yeah it's great to be back. Self Expression!

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