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Thread: japanese rocker in diapers!?

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    Default japanese rocker in diapers!?

    if you go to this site you'll see what i mean' '
    i'm just curious as to why she's wearing nappies ??
    anybody heard of her or why she's wearing nappies?
    i think it's totally awesome, if anything she makes wearing nappies look cool and a little more mainstream..
    Check her out in action on you tube - and please let me know of what you think and know about her.

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    She's wearing nappies to bring attention to her band. It's a shocking image that people don't expect, so they go over to check it out.

    I don't really care much, though, because she's pretty ugly and her singing is terrible. Actually, the whole band sucks.

    Seriously, worst music in the world.

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    Thanks for the link, Chillhouse. They would not sound too bad- if they were all 10 years old. Is this a very popular group?

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    I agree with Chillhouse. The music is terrible, and she's pretty damn ugly. Even the diaper is worn in a loose and unappealing manner. She can't be appealing to lolicons or omorashi (watersports) fans; if she is, I'd suggest a nice cloth diaper with bright kid designs, worn under a way-too-short skirt.

    Seriously though, the music needs to be fixed first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Thanks for the link, Chillhouse. They would not sound too bad- if they were all 10 years old. Is this a very popular group?
    Well, they've been around for ten years and only just released their first album, they have 700 friends on MySpace, and they freely admit that the best part about their band is the eccentric singer.

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    I just listened to their music for a second time. They are awful !

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    Wow....that is some shitty music. They're probably making even more of a bad image for us. Soon it'll be like:

    Asshole Guy: Wow, the only people who wear diapers are pedos and crazy asians!

    Asshole Guy 2: That's right, fellow asshole!


    But really, if she wants to appeal to omarashi or even lolicon fans, she should look a lot more cute. She needs pigtails and a nice kindergarten uniform! (They're the cutest, I swear.)

    Aren't those outfits just the most darling thing ever? :heart:

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    NeiNei, Your link does not work. Could you please try posting it again, I would like to see these outfits.

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