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Thread: Gun's n' Diapers

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    Default Gun's n' Diapers

    I just realized I keep my rifle bullets in the same drawer as my diapers. Go figure...
    Anyway, what's the strangest thing you have in your hideout?

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    Define strange >.> like things you wouldn't normally find in a diaper drawer?

    well, big boy underwear, if that counts n.n; one time I found that paw i sewed myself in there, after I spent days looking for it!

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    What is the fascination with guns that have brought about no less than 3 threads about guns in the past couple of weeks?
    If you want to shoot holes into your diaper, try eating more beans - less dangerous than guns!


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    the REALLY old star wars game thats spoused to go in box.... granted my entire stash consits of a pin pacifier =/

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    I was sitting here, cleaning my shotgun with an old cloth diaper and channel-surfing on the television when I read this post. The ' Guns of Navarone ' is showing on one channel, but it's already half-over, so I think I'll watch ' Annie, Get your gun. ' instead. Well, I am not really watching it, it's just playing in the background. In fact, I am going to mute the sound and put on some tunes, maybe some ' Guns 'n Roses ', I have not played any of those songs in a while. Anyway, to get back to the topic, I did discover some costume jewelry I had thrown into one of the drawers where I keep my diapers, there was a Barbie charm bracelet and a Barbie pendant ( it's pink, heart-shaped, and has a picture of Barbie on it ). The rest of the stuff is just cloth diapers, plastic panties, frilly ruffle-butt diaper covers, tights, panties, frilly ankle-socks, some slips and some petticoats. Nope, nothing else strange in here.

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    There's several things besides diapers in my diaper drawer, but I'll just suffice it to say that discussion of those items would most likely be better suited to the mature topics section .

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    You mean other then the human hand I got last week?

    (joking... DUH. You can look if you want FBI, I swear its just a joke.)

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    I keep spare CFL light bulbs and the old incandescent bulbs in my diaper drawer

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    interesting you should mention that, since i actually keep my diaper stuff in the same cupboard in my bedroom as all my bottles of home-brewed beer. it's the most convenient place for them, but it IS sort of an odd contrast to see them in there together.

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    My clean diapers go in with my ties! Go figure i never considered it strange at all until now

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