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Thread: Hello to one and all

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    Default Hello to one and all

    Hello everyone, so yeah this is the first forum I've joined. I'm not really sure which category of diapered community I fall into still trying to figure that one out myself . Other than that I would say I'm a pretty normal person with normal hobbies you know music, videogames and music.

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    What kind of music, videogames, and music? (You like it that much?)

    As for videogames, there are RPGs, FPS, online FPS, and many other genres. What's your poison?

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    Oh woah didn't even notice the double music. For music I guess Im pretty eclectic when it comes to that the only genre I really despise is country not my cup of tea. When it comes to video games I guess I would have to go with RPGs and FPS as well as the action/adventure genre. I also see that you have a FMA avatar I do quite enjoy anime as well. (And if you do not like anime I am sorry for assuming so)

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    Hi, mythos11. Welcome to ADISC. I hope you have fun here.

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    I'll be honest, FMA is the only anime I like. I chose Alphonse as an Avatar because he is a character that I relate to very well. I'd probably watch more anime if my family wasn't so judgmental and would harrass me about it constantly. (Except Naruto. I abhore him...)

    What system do you play on? what games in particular? I just finished all of CoD4 today (I hadn't beaten the last 2 missions of Act II and all of Act III on veteran until about 5:15 today). I'll have my xbox live back around Christmas and I'll probably have L4D2 and CoD: MW2. If you like those maybe we could game.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this forum and its supportive community. Have never been a fan of anime Are you a PS3 player?

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    Well I have access to Xbox360 but its not mine the last game I played was COD:MW2 which was awesome but I don't play online. I am hoping for PS3 for Christmas which if I do get one I will most likely start going online.

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    Ewww... PS3. The bane of my existence. I have a full hate-on for that system. I couldn't glitch on Crossfire, but it takes only two seconds on the Xbox. Stupid analog stick clicking...

    P.S. Get an Xbox. lol

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    Hey mathos11 welcome to ADISC What kind of music do you like, i also play video game's, i have a PS3 and there awesome, they have got more cells than the XBOX which make's the game run smoother and the graphics have better texture.

    *whispers*" get a PS3"

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    Pfft, who cares about graphics anymore? They are good enough now that that isn't what matters. It's all about the games themselves *coughLeft4Dead(2)cough*. PS3 has those marshmellow soulder buttons. I HATE THEM!

    To be fair, it can play blu-ray and has free online (major factor in their favor. Wish Microsoft weren't such videogame whores <_<). I still think the Xbox 360 can do circles around PS3 (and yes, I DID make a 360 degree/circle joke :P)

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