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Thread: Pull Ups for my girlfriend.

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    Default Pull Ups for my girlfriend.

    My girlfriend is missing being able to wear bambinos at college and I suggested she get some pull ups to wear when she can't go all out. I'm trying to find out what brand/size would be good for her. She's got big hips, about 135 lbs, 5' 4" or so, jean size 9. Thanks for any help.


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    Goodnites would probably fit her a little too tight, so you might just have to go with an adult diaper brand. I've heard that adult pullups really suck, though.

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    Adult pullups do suck. Like really really suck. That is something that ab diaper makers should try out next... adult pullups that do not suck. I would buy them up in a heart beat for days out

    You can try the largest size of girl goodnites, but they'd be tight too... not functional at all.

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    Dunno ? all matters of if your planing to buy localy or online ? of if cant go all out with bambinos try finding something abit better on the wallet

    Hows about Tranquilitys or abenas ? or dunno

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