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Thread: furry costume help

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    Default furry costume help

    i'm looking for a tail,

    like this one - wolf tail - - asura

    can someone send me a link to a site were i can buy a tail like that?

    much appreciated, sparky

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    I'll have to have a look around the medieval CHristmas market by the river here. I remember buying a tail a few years ago at just that market, so they may still have them.
    Dunno about any websites though.


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    I purchased my green tail at an anime convention last winter. (Unfortunately it got stolen when I wore it to school recently! ) I'm not sure where else to buy them other than online - but I have a feeling they would be a bit pricey. Browse around and compare prices. Good luck!

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    There is a person I know who makes cosplay stuff as well as fur suits. Komic krazi Studios: Art and costuming is her website. Go to the costume section.

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    BushyCat makes/sells tails.
    Lion of the Sun as well.
    Lion of the Sun

    If you aren't happy with any of these sites, there are many many more. I could go looking through some business cards I have lying around from cons to find some more places if you'd like.

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    Fursuits by Lacy and SPark Costuming! would be my immediate recommendations as you're stateside, my spare tail is an SPark that was sold and shipped to the uk for $40 unfortunately not many of the larger makers do small parts such as ears and tails, though some like Arend studios do them on a by request basis.

    If you dont mind the extra cost on shipping I can recommend quite a few UK based makers too, just let me know

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    if thats a bought tail. then i know who made it.

    Tails : NorthFur FX & Mascots, Online Store

    these guys are the best. Their work is awsome and even tho their a bit pricey you have plenty of choices and they are quality. i have had a tail and ears from them for years.

    I have met them in person and they are two awsome guys. Hope it helps.

    in the wolf tail section. mine is in the 2nd row, middle picture, right tail.

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