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Thread: Binge purge

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    Default Binge purge

    How can I avoid it, I want happy medium between wearing and not wearing, and I feel like I don't want any right now, But I'm going to order some tomorrow because I know if I don't order them I will regret it. I'm mainly talking to the more experienced DL's on here, did you just get over it, by time, or what. Last night, I felt great, as described in my other thread, but now, I don't feel so good. I want some sexing but not with my favorite object. So I'm avoiding doing... anything, so I will make SURE I order these.

    Can I please have some advice? This could be determined a pointless thread, but I am wondering how you other DL's manage yourselves. If people don't like this thread, I'll have it closed, but if theres any great advice, I'll add it to the wiki, we need more in the wiki, it's a little on the skinny side.

    On a side note, I know I've created a lot of threads today, but they all had a point, is it bad that I have made like 2 in one day?

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    I don't think you really can control it...Just like you can't really control liking diapers to begin with...Personally, I'm in the purge part right now, but when I'm on binge, I just get into one of the other many fetishes I have...

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    just remember that no matter what when you are diapered, you will have fun =] that's what I always do

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    How can you jump in the air and float would be an easier question to answer.

    The binge and purge and cycle is hard to equalize. It's really hard for people like us because the binge part of the cycle has no real negative side effects, unlike other activities the cycle can represent.

    As for finding that center, I toned myself down. Instead of wearing diapers whenever I want, I only wore on certain days. I discussed the finer points of the whole process of it with a few of my confident. I think it is something that can only be found if you throw yourself into the process for a bit until you find something that makes you happy.

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    I'll probably just wear when I feel like it and not when I don't. I don't know, only time and my hopefully soon to be ATN's will tell.

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    Well like pojo said you can not really control the urges just like you can not control the fact that you like diapers. Except it is possible to control when and how often you act out on these urges.
    The way I have learned to manage this over the years is basically occuping myself withouth activities. I have a pretty busy lifestyle so I really do not have to find things to occupy me. I go to college, I work part time, spend time with friends, and do other interest I enjoy doing. Then at the end of the day if I have done everything that need to be done and I have the time then I reward myself with a nice comfey dipee!

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    I honestly don't think I've ever gone through a "purge" cycle. Of course then again I wear almost 24/7 anyways.

    I think I'm so used to diapers now that it's just a habit thing... like brushing your teeth or shaving. It feels wrong to go through the day without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    On a side note, I know I've created a lot of threads today, but they all had a point, is it bad that I have made like 2 in one day?
    Can't really give you any meaningful advice about diaper use since I'm not a DL. On your question above, there is no limits imposed on threads per day authored by one individual that I'm aware of. Interesting and/or important subjects and questions are always welcome, even in twos or threes at a time. Only suggestion I'd make is if you have lots of possible topics for conversation in your head just spread them out over a period of time. That way there's always a few new threads to either read or put your two cents in, and not have a "feast or famine" situation on the forums when it comes to new threads posted. JMHO.


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    I thought my threads were good.

    You're the person I wanted to ask finn, mainly because you wear so much, is it because you don't (blank) in them? I thought you said in your Bio your not really a DL you just... love diapers. If that makes sense....

    I can't get used to them though, I don't think I could have enough of a supply.

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