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Thread: Is ABU Improving?

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    Default Is ABU Improving?

    I'm just wondering... With all the new products and stuff, the letter from ABU claiming to be better... is the service any better since?

    Also are the SDK diapers any good? fit? absorbancy? Leakage?

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    The people who are saying that it has greatly improved often have very low post counts. As if they created their accounts just to tell us about how great ABU is.

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    I have checked back with them every now and then and they seem to be making an attempt to improve, but I think they will become better once their customer service improves and they get their shipments out on time.

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    From last week's ABUniverse thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by NEJay View Post
    we spoke about ABU and their new two-tape diaper at the party last night, and i got to try one for the first time.

    The person that brought them and gave me one to try ordered a pack recently, and they came promptly as he indicated in his thread:

    But there were several others attending that have ordered (and paid) and are having problems. One pre-ordered a case in August and has yet to receive it, and ABU has ceased to correspond with him. Another has been waiting almost a month for a case. There is also my issue, where I paid for a case and never got it (and the ensuing drama of a BBB complaint that they never responded to, and having to do a CC chargeback to get my $ back).

    So as recently as this month, people are still having problems. As for the diaper itself... Holy hell does it absorb slow! The diaper itself is great; Very absorbent, well made with strong tapes, and a fantastic fit. The only problem I had was that when you "go", you have to stand there with your cash and prizes swimming for a bit until it absorbs. Othrwise an all-around A+ diaper though.

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