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Thread: The boy that cried racism

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    Default The boy that cried racism

    During class earlier this week, a discussion came up on the topic of racism. During the discussion, my teacher asked one of the Polish students in my year had he ever encountered racism in the school. The student says he has had a lot of people dislike him because he was Polish.

    Except there is far more to it than that. The student in question is a total dickhead to everyone, makes rude comments about everyone, doesn't do any work in school, disrupts the class the whole time, starts fights and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Last year, he caused so much trouble that any Irish student would have been expelled, but the school hasn't even so much as suspended him for fear of being accused of racism. That is why people dislike him. Being Polish has nothing to do with it.

    This seems to be becoming more frequent, where people use the fact that they are gay/foreign/of a different religion/whatever as an excuse to get away with making trouble, and then if someone pulls them up on it, they then claim that they are being discriminated against.

    Has anyone else encountered this sort of behaviour?

    This is partially a rant, but I would like to hear other's similar experiences or opinions, which is why it's a thread and not a blog post.
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    I had neighbours a while back who were mixed. There were three kids... and at the time they were 18, 14 and 11. The 18yr old was the same age as me, didn't finish grade 9, and was a dumbass fuckup in general. His mom, and him, always said it was because he had "adhd" and it was very hard to live. He now gets disability and will never finish school. The 14yr old dropped out in grade 9, and was taken away by childrens aid quite a few times. Herself and her mom always said it was because she was black, and becuase teachers hated her right off the bat for her older brother. The youngest is now out of school if I'm not mistaken, and a little bitch, to put it bluntly. Mouthy thing. Her excuse for never going to school, getting suspended, in trouble with other kids, etc...? She's black. Yep, it's ALL because shes black.

    None of those kids are going to go anywhere with their life, because they've never had to taken responsibility for their actions. Their mother has always pulled the black card, the disability card, etc... ALways to place blame somewhere else, aside from them. It's ridiculous, and in turn she's fucked her kids up beyond repair.

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    Hmm, slightly different but at my school there was a few Pikeys/travelers. Always causing fights, bullying people, and being complete idiots. I wonder why the school never done anything about them, ah, yea because they were scared.

    But at one point this boy in my year (think we were year 10, so he was 15) was getting bullied by a 13 year old. And if you knew this 15 year old, you would be surprised to hear he was fighting back against this boxing dedicated traveler. It was so good, just seeing him punching back. Off course, the scared idiots never got family involved.

    But yea, it was because their background they got away with things, but not this time!

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    The worst part of this is it causes racism: anybody who knew that Polish boy might be left with a sour taste in their mouths, resenting the fact that he played the race card...

    My old school, filled with racist whites, merged with a nearby school that was filled with racist Asians. Luckily I'd left before this merge, by my sister was still there. Some of the Asian guys would bully people, and they once had a fight with one of my sister's (male) friends. When she and her other friends went to complain:
    "So-and-so got hit by that group of Asians" they were told off:
    "It's "A student of Asian heritage"!"

    That's not going to tackle racism! "Asian" is not a dirty word! I don't think I'll ever get over that...

    I wish I knew what the solution to racism, and to people playing the race card, was.

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    Luckily, I've never had to deal whit that at my school. To be fair, it is predominantly white, but the handful of black and Arabic students we had where fairly well integrated. The only exception was a group of immigrants that just arrived from Africa, but I would say they kept to each other mostly because there French and English where both weak (well, there French was weak and there English was nonexistent). Communicating whit them was a bit hard (that and they where all quite shy), but they never caused any problems.

    Sadly, we did have quite a few homophobes at my school.

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    When I was in fifth grade there was a kid, he was in grade 3 I believe. He was black, he appeard to keep to himself alot untill on the bus home my brother was forced to sit beside him. He didn't care, he was actually going to try making friends with him (plus he had many other black friends). I was like, "good for you, more friends the better.."

    Then half way home he started begging me to get rid of the person beside me. "Why?" "Cus this fat sack is spitting on me!" if I remember correctly. I looked over and sure enough this kid was spitting on my brother.

    I got pissed and pulled my brother into my seat and went over to this kid. I started politly, but strongly and he shot some spit at me (which I dodged). It got heated and he decided to go at me, he got his ass kicked and subdued to the floor of the bus (don't ask why the bus driver let this happen, I don't think he knew). I told him that if I caught him again I would make his life miserable and let him go.

    The next day I got called to the principles office, she immediatly said "Racism is not acceptable in this school or anywhere else" I was like WTF. What racism? She told me that this kid (forgot his name) was basicly mercilesly beat and called [n word] multiple times. That of course was a lie, I told her so but no. How dare I commit such acts against black people.

    I nearly got suspended. He got away with countless other actions and pulled racism on everything. From a name calling match (which he started) to stealing things from people backpacks. I tried to get new bus seats for us but that would be discrimination too aparantly.

    He caused so much chaos that year, loosing my friends because rumor spread I was a racist prick, my favourite book that I was reading at the time was stolen, ect. I said multiple times (and proved) that I had nothing against anyone for anything like that. wether it be skin color or religon, I don't care.

    Thats my experience, why can't people just... be nice for once?

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    That's always the problem with this sort of thing...though I think it's different in the US than in Europe and even Canada, due to our history. In the US there really is a lot of racism...and a lot of it isn't person to person, but rather a professional/hierarchical setup.

    So the problem is that there are always going to be some people who are going to take advantage of that. Some people even claim racism without even understanding what racism actually is (and it can have a lot of different definitions anyway). So that's why with issues like this, you really have to look at it on a case-by-case basis.

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    In personal instances, racism is hard to identify and prove, and accusations of such are often used unfairly.

    However, on a bigger level, racism certainly exists and it is an endemic problem, at least here in the states (and certainly everywhere else). I'll just use one example, and that is education.

    Take Seattle, supposedly a liberal stronghold, and vanguard in human rights and acceptance. And yet, our city is segregated. Not by law, but literally. A result of past housing laws that have since been negated, but the effects linger on. South Seattle and down into Tacoma is largely lower class and largely minority. North Seattle, at least up until Lake City, is largely white and affluent. Certainly poverty exists in North Seattle, but it is on a much lower scale. Proof is readily apparent, but if one wants perhaps the most poignant proof, you should look at the public school situation. The schools in South Seattle are predominately black and other minorities. The graduation rates are significantly lower than the North's and the quality of class teaching (may or may not be the fault of the teachers) is hardly up to par. And this is in 2009.

    In Seattle, we like to think we are soooooo good. But the truth speaks otherwise. Racism exists, we just like to ignore it and keep it in South Seattle.

    Other cities around the world are the same. Different minorities, but the same. We have along way to go as humans.

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    My mom is from El Salvador, and my dad is white, making my little brother and I half-Hispanic. My paternal grandparents are racist. They still call my mother a "beaner" and they sometimes say "Negro."

    My all-white cousins get whatever they want for Christmases and birthdays. I get stuff from the dollar store. My grandparents once sent me a toothbrush (from the dollar store) with "Britney" on it. My name is spelled "Brittany." And that was all I got from them for Christmas.

    They are rolling in money, but we never see any of it. I'm not trying to sound greedy, but they definitely do not like my little brother and I, just because we're mixed race.

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    I'm entirely sick of the race card... (Especially in politics.) I was called racist because I was trying to explain that I came from an area where black people were really scarce, therefore it was difficult for me to understand this man's accent, (I have trouble understanding ANYONE'S accent, really.) although I probably could've put it more eloquently.

    I guess he's Puerto Rican, therefore "black" doesn't apply to him... uh, I call anybody with a darker (Not a deep tan, darker than that...) skin tone black. I'm 50% Anglo-Saxon and 25% Visigoth; I am WHITE, lol. I have no issue with someone calling me white, I don't consider it derogatory... just like I don't consider the term "black" to be derogatory.

    Isn't "Polish" a designation of nationality rather than race?

    That reminds me... you know what really gets on my nerves? The term "<insert continent/country>-American;" how do you apply that to someone who isn't from America? (As in born in/legal immigrant of the US.) It's just redundent... why can't they just be an American who happens to not be white? (With NO emphasis on their race.) I mean, there isn't a term for white US citizens, is there?
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