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    So in my looking over the internet and making my 'no way in hell am I getting this but its fun to dream' Christmas wish-list, and enjoying all the cute/cool things on the intertubes, when I came across this

    welcome to

    Now I love there stuff, it looks well made, cool, and bloody expensive. The thing that worries me is where they do their translation work, behold one of my favorites:

    Normally it should go with our Christmas special campaign regulatorily. We had prepared everything exactly. But Santa Claus brought all gifts in disorder. Find even out which the coupon of the today's daily caused.

    There are a whole bunch of them throughout the website, and they can make you chuckle sometimes. So wanted to spread some amusing Christmas cheer.

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    It's even more funny when you realize what they were going to say and what it would sound like in German (their business is based in Poland but initially concentrated on the German market, so their main operating language is German).
    Reminds me of an article in my high school's student newspaper where they took an old Grimms fairy tale, brushed up the language to modern language of adolescents, and then translated it into English word by word. Obviously, that completely screwed up the sentence structure, and German idioms don't translate well into English either ("I want you around the corner bring" translates into "Ich will dich um die Ecke bringen" in German, which is a colloquial expression for "I want to kill you"). I laughed for hours after reading that.


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    There was a recent case of absolute idiocy in Wales a couple of years ago - all signs have to be printed bi-lingually in welsh and english. The local council emailed their translator with some text, and the resulting sign read:

    The welsh reads:

    I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated.
    Oh dear!

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    I see some interesting ones in Norwegian too, which I think has to do with the fact that there just aren't that many words in the Norwegian language. One today was Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", which was translated in Norwegian to "The Little Larvae".

    Another of my favorites is the title for a popular Disney Channel show, "Imagination Movers", which in Norwegian the word imagination is translated as "Fantasy." I asked someone here what the Norwegian word for fantasy was, and they said it was the same. It just proves my point that Norwegians have no real imagination, to them it is all just fantasy.

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    You think those are bad? Try running text through several languages with babel fish: Lost in Translation - Cross-language computer translation using Babel Fish

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamlet through English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portugese
    Due to the regulations because it is, because it does not follow: It is the question: ' Does the handspike do those or does to consider inside according to cruel possibility of sequenziellem more make the nobleman than they had exerted pressure on good tis and the crown of shoots with an arrow the force with the suffering in the crucial end of the transport of the sea of the question, with the manufacture that this one is the face of later the direction? For the apprehension: Since it is inactive who, he indicates; In this; And this interests the conclusion for the time of Israeli delay of our extreme religious pain and sweepings 1000 he infuence of this meat, the one that, the human being, said to follow, that he is ' Of her it is the crucial end, of what tis wish' that finishes; It stops to be D. stopped, because this state is inactive; Since it is inactive who, he indicates: The useless delay for involuntary: There' ay; Strap of the contact of S; time of delay of _with the inoperative women possibly, each possible dream, if the aid of the data is not escape with this mixture the inoperative women, than we separated, if what follows, we must the rupture have: there' Fact with the incident the end of S such longevity; Somebody for, if the behavior that the circuit of the disdains of the connection, times, oppressor' They are S that false man' explained him; S, of which he is intensive including with, is gradetta those to make to suffer, law' disprized; Possibly of the delays in S, the method it does arrogating of the office has the end to exert pressure on with the patient of the purchase of the advantage of the value, of his part of the later one that does not use it that punteruolo shortage or, not made this transference of the conclusion? Somebody fardels [ku

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    I used to have a German teacher who very rarely spoke to us in English, but when he did, took it upon himself to speak using an approximation German syntax. I'm not sure why he did this, as I'm fairly certain that he actually spoke English fluently. Anyway, on one memorable occasion he shouted at us all, "When you your exams writing are, you must quiet being!"

    He was pretty much my favourite teacher ever, but also a pretty terrifying guy. He once made me stand in a dark cupboard repeating a phrase over and over until I had worked out where I had gone wrong grammatically.

    I realise this post is low on the translation lols. LOLOL at the Welsh fail though.

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    i once took the first four lines of the star spangled banner through a few iterations on google translater and then translated it back into english. this is what i got:

    oh say can you see
    by the dawn's early light
    what so proudly we hailed
    at the twilight's last gleaming


    oh legends can see you
    by the first light of the paddle
    what we greeted so proudly
    last to shine of the paddle

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    I had a Japanese language teacher in high school (off campus) who was pretty awesome, but still had alot of trouble with English now and then.

    I was wearing a particular shirt with symbols that read "muteki," meaning "no enemies (or "no fear").

    She decided to play around with me by writing what it 'meant' on the board, mispelling the ol' F bomb as "fook." C8

    She also once managed to convince the entire class that there were purple traffic lights in Japan, but that's a different story...

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