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Thread: Christmas looms...anything special in mind?

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    Default Christmas looms...anything special in mind?

    Was wondering what everyone is going to give/recieve/want for Christmas. Trying to scope ideas of what to look for my brothers and family. Let er rip!

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    I just bought my little brother a mini-Boise State stocking today. It's his (and my dad's) favorite team. I'll probably get him something else too.

    And I got a $25 gift card to Red Lobster or Olive Garden for my parents. It's not much, but I think they'll like it.

    And... I don't really want much, idk. A "wish list" is on my blog, but I don't expect any of it.

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    most likely a case of diapers.. not dry 24/7 last time... either Abena X-plus or Bambino's this time.

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    You know what I'm making? Some mother fucking LP clocks. To make them even more kickass, they're going to be of my parents' favorite albums/songs. Just take a record, buy a clock mechanism, put that shit in and voila. You might have to make the hole a little bigger, and if you want to like make the record into a shape, you can put it in the oven for a short while, and it'll be all bendable.

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    Bought my wife a new mountain bike and me a new Canon SLR digital camera. We are also travelling to South Africa for Christmas.

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    For my Brother some very expensive Tequila.

    For my Dad brewing equipment.

    For my Stepmother some religious art of some nature from my university.

    For my Mother one of those digital picture frames.

    The real problem is that I really don't know what I want.

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    I'm very tired and for a minute I thought you meant an actual loom, as opposed to the verb. Which my gf would probably actually like.

    I'm knitting stuff for a bunch of people. Not sure what else... find buying gifts very difficult/stressful.

    Would secretly really love a really pretty doll for christmas for myself

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    Butterfly Mage


    I celebrate Yule. We basically just get together with our Wiccan friends and throw a big party

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    Im going to get my dad a cooking book, my brother some model cars and my mum some jam.
    I hoping to get beer and money.

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