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Thread: Filthy Footies!

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    Default Filthy Footies!

    OK now I've got your attention with all sorts of wild dirty imaginings I'll get to the point. Do any others here have trouble with annoying little bits of stuff in the feet of your PJs? I find I must turn the legs inside out and shake them every night before putting them on or there is grit in the feet. I have cats and they track litter about the house, it must work through the weave of the feet as I walk around the house. Strange I only notice it the next time I put them on.
    Perhaps I need to vacuum more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nam Repaid View Post
    Perhaps I need to vacuum more often.
    Or clean your feet more ofter

    Anyway, I never had that problem, but then again I don't have a cat.

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    Well, this is purely conjecture on my part, but it could by all the skin and whatnot that rubs off of your feet while you're wearing the footies. Or it could be your theory of cat litter particles. Either way, you could try vacuuming, like you said, and see if it makes a difference.

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    I know what you're talking about. Crumbs, cat hair, etc. Brush off your feet before you put them on should help some.

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    Put socks on, I always wear thick socks with my jammies, and I always turn them inside out for washing it keeps the fuzz to a minimum on the outside.

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    Socks work wonders. Just take em off right before you put on the footies, no odd things on the bottom then.

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    Buy enough footies so you have a clean one each night (and wash them, and your feet)

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    I've never had this problem, but I usually shower at night.

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    I would recommend socks in this situation. Is it something in the footies or something on your feet?

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    depending on what it is you are talking about exactly. If it is random crud on your feet then it helps to brush em off before you put on your sleeper. If you're picking up crud on the foot bottoms...I don't have a solution for that besides vacuum more often? I don't have that problem. Socks or not wipe your feet off, it's like those little pieces of whatever that get caught in a shoe...same thing

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