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Thread: Need a silent makeshift recipe

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    Default Need a silent makeshift recipe

    When I try to make makeshift Diapers they either leak,or Make enough noise to wake up my Roommate and GF.Does Adisc hae any working silent diapers that aren't store bought?

    Heres what I have to work with :
    Paper Towels
    Garbage bags

    This is the best ingredients in a makeshift diaper,or so I hear.

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    A generic easy rip brand,not the hard to tear holds a ton.
    Basically the wrapping make of thin rubber

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    Hmm...unless you're particularly skilled at making disposables out of household stuff, I think your time and effort might be better invested in sourcing a store-bought alternative. If you have a room-mate, I guess you don't live with parents and you have freedom to go out and buy things. Could you save some money and buy some? Although, that said, there clearly must be a reason you cannot or do not.

    Thing is, trying to wear a makeshift diaper in the night, near another person sounds like a challenge and a half! Even wearing a slim-line discreet store-bought disposable would be a challenge in the circumstance. Even the best diapers can leak sometimes, and can russle about.

    You could pin the sheet on like a diaper, without any plastic backing, but then not 'use' it - just wear it. It would be quiet but not water-proof. You could 'use' a (non-silent) makeshift diaper only when you're alone, maybe in the day or whenever. With store-bought disposables you could maybe wear in the day, out and about, if you are discreet about it, wear tight(ish) fitting normal underwear over the top (to reduce crinkle) and 'use' only well within what you know the diaper can handle.

    Wearing disposables in the same bedroom as other people would mean changing in another room, wearing underwear to reduce the crinkle noise, not letting the other people see you, and using caution about leaks. If they already know and accept your usage, then that's cool, but if not, you'd have to be prepared for them to notice and ask questions.

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