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Thread: If you could have one picture ...

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    Default If you could have one picture ...

    and only one. What would it be? It can be anything (well long as it's permitted here). Something that makes you happy. A piece of art you treasure. A photo of a best friend, lover, or someone that maybe has passed on. Human, animal,'s really up to you. The only catch is you can only have one and this is the only picture you will be able to look at for the rest of your life. Think of it as being stranded on a desert island if you will. I would prefer if you shared the actual image instead of text though, make it more interesting.

    So here's mine. It needs no explanation but feel free to share more info if you like on yours.

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    It's my dog that passed away earlier this year. It was pretty sad, but looking at this picture always makes my day.

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    This is an interesting thread man; I give you props for this.

    On a goofy note:

    And a serious note:

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    Way too many lurkers ...c'mon people, CONTRIBUTE!

    Thank you Nicky and Asher.

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    Being a photographer, and into it since I was 12, makes this a very hard question. Like "which of your kids is your favorite" kinda hard. I'll think about it and see what I can find.

    *rubs chin* hmmmmmmm-

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    Quote Originally Posted by statik View Post
    Way too many lurkers ...c'mon people, CONTRIBUTE!

    Thank you Nicky and Asher.
    I dont have anything to post right now

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    My fourth grade photo:

    The camera caught me when I was in the middle of changing my smile into a frown. The results were hilarious. This ended up making it into the yearbook. Ahhh, good memories.
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    Desert Island Images?

    Like I am in an isolation cell doing life? This one very special chick I dated...

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