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Thread: Friday nights!

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    Default Friday nights!

    What do you do for fun if you dont go out on friday nights

    and if you do go out, what do you do?

    (you can also put what you do on saturday nights aswell)

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    me myself i will usally hang out with frineds and go to nashville, and when not doing that i will hang out at home TBed out if im in the mood and play my 360 or watch tv

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    I think this is the first friday night this semester where I haven't gone out. Hmm, I should probably fix that...

    My friday and saturday nights are spent ingesting copious amounts of beer, getting my ass handed to me at halo, playing flip cup, dancing on tables with people I don't know, then walking to mcdonalds at 2AM.

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    What could possibey be better than logging on to ADISC for several hours? All the fun one could ever need is right here.

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    if it's nice outside, i head to the other side of town and hang with my car buddies

    when it's cold, i stay inside and plot what to do to beat my car buddies... :P

    i think this should go to off topic

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    Might be "off topic" better thread. I am diapered, drinkin' some wine, srufin my fav forums and watching Chicken Run. Tommorrow I'll be at the bar.

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    I get fucked up at home, I draw, I code, I write, I Cook, I visit my brotherinlaw/sister, I play with my dogs, I go to the mall, I Shoot things.

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    I usually attend Friday Night Magic at the local gaming shop. Otherwise I'll hang out with a friend and play video games. When exams come up, I use the weekends to study. Wednesdays are "fun days", as I sometimes hang out in the student center. Our MTG group is practicing for a huge Emperor game next week.

    Looking forward to that!

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    I don't usually go out. Football highlights are on Saturday night so I watch them, but I'm going out tonight for my mum's birthday.

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    I go to bed because I have work on sunday.

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    Usually go out for drinks and dinner after work...get home earlyish...relax on the couch in front of the TV and watch SGU and then anything I can find that's entertaining before hitting the sack...if its a SIDF I'm diapered up and happy. Saturday's I'll have dinner out with friends and drink late...then come home diaper up and go to bed...sleep late on sunday


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