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Thread: What is the best diaper?

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    Default What is the best diaper?

    I know, that this question has been posted many times.
    But, I shall ask anyways.

    I am a 15 year old kind of guy, normal average :P

    I want a good thick puffy baby diaper.
    The only ones I tried out were Bambinos.

    They were good. But they didn't really feel like baby diapers? I don't know.
    I wanted them to be even more puffier and thick. If that's possible.
    Is their any other diaper like bambino classico that is thick and puffy?
    That can hold a lot?

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    I don't know of anything more babylike than Bambinos (from what I've read) so...

    Maybe try wearing more than one... or try the doublers if you can get them, if you want them to be thicker. Don't forget to cut through the outside of the inner diaper =)

    Now then... what is the best soup? =P

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    chicken noodle... and now I get shot.

    But yeah, those are about as good as it gets. Double them up and they are extremly thick.

    If your a skinny guy, you could try pampers size 7. But thats more like wearing a thong because they are so small.

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    Just make a slit in the plastic with some scissors or something, from front to back, otherwise the 2nd diaper will be useless. It's easier once you've put it on. I usually pinch a bit of it and pull it apart. Put the first one on and then put the 2nd one underneath you ready, then slit the first one. You don't want the absorbent material getting all over the place.

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    Your explanation was a bit rough and confusing. But, I will try to anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlikra View Post

    Now then... what is the best soup? =P
    Yeah, Chicken Noodle FTW!

    I just ordered some Bambinos, I normally get Abena X-Plus and us it with an Abena Abri-Let Maxi Booster and an Abena Abri-Let Normal Booster...that's the thickest setup. Bambinos have better tapes though so you may want to just order the Bambinos and try them with a booster.

    Good luck.


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    @ souptester In other words, take a sharp object, poke a bunch of little slits all over the first one then put the second one on over top.

    EDIT: Chicken noodle FTW!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by souptester View Post
    Your explanation was a bit rough and confusing. But, I will try to anyways.
    Sorry XD

    I was too tired to turn my thoughts into understandable instructions. Just experiment and use your common sense. You need the fluid to pass from the first diaper to the second.

    You still haven't told me what your favourite soup is =P

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