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    Default what just happened

    earlier on i was watching tv and i felt a bm i stood up to go to the toilet and noticed i just gone i wasnt wearing a diaper so clean up was irritating good thing my parents arn't in for a while

    has this ever happened to anyone?

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    More details, were you tired as shit? Sick or feeling sick? Stuff like that...

    I can only see it happening if you have been wearing and using very frequently and your body thinks its ok to let go at any given time. Unlikly though, if it happens again you should see a doctor.

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    ive been feeling ill al day could be linked i guess especially stomach pains

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    Yeah, might be a good idea to tell someone. Maybe wait and see if it happens again, that way you don't have to explain the "Why didn't you tell us earlier?" phrase. If it gets bad and it happens again ask to see a doctor. Otherwise take some imodium and let it pass.

    Disclamer: I am not a doctor nor a medical professional, I am trying to help but I can never say for sure what the problem is or how bad it is. I do not hold responsibility for extreme illness, death, and flying shuriken.

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