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Thread: The most interesting man in the world

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    Question The most interesting man in the world

    I have been seeing these comercials for Dos Equis beer, with a Chuck Norris knock off called "the most interesting man in the world"
    Has anyone else noticed them?

    Some of the quotes are funny
    'He once taught his German Shepard to bark in Spanish'

    Others are bizzare
    'His blood smells like cologne'

    And a few are just wrong
    'His beard has a more interesting life than the average man'

    What do you all think about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourhuggies View Post
    What do you all think about it?
    Um........Chuck Norris, what I think is irrelevant in Chuck Norris' eyes . Have you ever seen the site with all the Chuck Norris "facts"? If so, i'm linking it anyways, because it's just pure awesome.

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    Ha...when I saw your post title, I thought it was about me. Oh well....sigh.... Actually I haven't seen the commercials, and maybe we don't get them in Virginia. I've noticed there is a difference in commercials throughout the United States. I'll look for them, though. They sound funny, if not weird. We have the Too Light, Too Heavy beer commercials, and they're pretty funny.

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    His names Jon Goldsmith, and he's actually a pretty interesting guy. He lives on a 42 foot boat and thinks fine scotch should only be drunk from a crystal glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
    I am so sick of Chuck Norris. I don't get the fascination we have with him.
    Walker Texas Ranger... even if its reruns. Need I say more?

    That being said, to each their own.

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