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    Ever wish you could come out to everyone you knew. I get tired of hiding the fact that I am a bedwetter and that I enjoy diapers from everyone I know. I work in a Testerone driven field and it woudl really be liiked down on and I am afraid I would lose alot of friends behind it. I know I cannot come out but dream about being open about my true feelings sometimes.

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    I can definitely understand your feelings.

    I used to feel the same way (I'm not saying I'm more mature for not, my feelings have just changed) a few years back. I guess when I was first becoming heavily involved online, the interest I had in diapers as a child (while it was mysterious, confusing, lonely, and definitely a dominating part of my life) became sort of an obsession. I think that is one of the dangers of the online presence: forums, communities, story sites, etc, is that it makes it easy to become immersed in *b/dl culture. I began to think that it was a huge part of my life and that "coming out" would be an important event.

    Then, I stopped being involved. For several years. And during that down time, my perspective changed. I realized that my interest in diapers wasn't that big of a deal. I had made it a big deal as a teen because I had felt so alone, then suddenly found that I wasn't alone, and, I suppose, over compensated for the earlier loneliness by becoming super involved. I'm taking a while to get to the point, rambling but my point is, if we take a step back, we realize that it just ain't that important. There is a lot of important things in life, but our interest in diapers isn't one of them. Friends, family, love, partners, work, passion, goals, ambition. Those matter. In that light, there is nothing to "come out" about. Who cares?

    Now, I know that it is easier said than done. But it is just my opinion and I know it helped me a lot when I stopped being so serious about the whole thing. I still hide it, but I guess I just don't care anymore that I do hide it, if that makes sense.

    Ok, I'm confusing myself, so I'm going to stop
    I don't want to belittle your thoughts and I know it is a big deal.

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    I've imagined a few times telling all my friends about it. I'm sure if I did it one-on-one, they wouldn't care. It's when they get together, I can see'em making some jokes. You know, like, if a diaper commercial came on. One of them would ask, "So, you gettin' turned on?" They'd laugh. I'd try to play it off that it doesn't brother me. Then he'd ask again, "No, really. You gettin' turned on?" Everyone would laugh more.

    No thanks.

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    I have to say I really wouldn't want many to know. *B/DLism is just so personal to me; its something I'd rather keep to my self. It serves as stress relief for me, not something I want to share around.

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