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Thread: Brands (Ones you want, and ones you've tried)

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    Default Brands (Ones you want, and ones you've tried)

    I'm not going to make a poll, since there are so many options...But...Which brands of diapers do you want to try, and which have you tried/like or tried/hated, etc...

    I've only tried 3 brands (Secure Plus, Abri, and Depends)...I would recommend Secure plus

    Oh yeah...Ones I want to try...Uhm...Pretty much all that I haven't tried, including cloth

    You can also post why you haven't tried some (Suggested by Mr Alex)
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    I've tried them all (I think)

    I can reccomend: Abri X-plus, Secure X-Plus, Bambino, Molicare, Tena, & Kendall Wings Supreme.

    Don't bother with: Attends 10, Previal, Protection Plus, or any of those cheap-o "Institutional" brands. They are crap.

    As far as the Store Brands go... Depends and Wallgreens brands seem to be better than the others. They're not necessarily up to snuff with the mail-order kinds... but if you are limited to just the general market... they will work well.

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    Goodnites, Good for 1 or 2 floods, then go slow and you can max them out!

    Tranquility ATN, Seemed GREAT, cheap as butt too. Great for *BDL's on a budget!

    I want to try Abri's but those are expensive and would come in a huge case.

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    Lets see, I've tried: Molicare Classic and Super Plus (awsome and thick), Attends 10 and with waistband (junk), Tena Ultra and Super (pretty good), Depends, Dry Comfort(Very loud), Tranquility ATN's (very good for the price), Goodnites (don't waste your time with them), Drynites (generic goodnites), Cvs brand, Many many Generics and I think that is about it. There are deffinatly more, I just can't think of them right now.

    As far as what I would like to try: Abena X pluses and Secure X Pluses. Also I would love to try cloth, just not crazy about having to wash them. Eh...someday. Well I hope you guys found this informative.

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    I've tried:

    Store brand, Tena underpants

    Both sucked.

    Would like to try:

    Abena, Secure, and Bambino.

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    • GoodNites
    • Depends
    • Boots brand

    Want to try:

    Good brands. (Tena, Abena, Bambino...)

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    Tried (in rough chronological order)

    • Depends
    • Eckerd Brand
    • CVS Brand
    • Giant Eagle Brand
    • Assurance
    • From Target (? can't remember brand name)
    • Kroger Brand
    • Molicare Super Plus
    • Maxicare
    • Attends 10 (Classic)
    • Naps
    • Prevail
    • Abriform Super and X-Plus
    • Walgreens
    • Secure Plus, X-Plus
    • Attends 10 (w/ waistband)
    • Tena Super
    • CareCloud
    • Unknown brand off of ebay
    • Prevail Xtreme fit briefs

    Want to try:

    • Tranquility ATN
    • Bambino


    Haven't tried these because I have more than enough diapers on hand, plus money. When I'm running low I may try one of them. I rarely repeat diapers as I like to try new ones and switch almost every time I restock (which is why I have tried so many). Anyway, most of the store brands failed to impress me. The only one I'd consider buying again is CVS or Assurance and I hear CVS is cloth covered now (definite turn off for me). I'd like to get more Secure Pluses (only had a sample pack). These were decent. The X-Pluses were a bit thick for my taste.

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    I have a request, Could people who haven't tried the ones they want to try, list why they haven't. Living with parents, friends, etc? Or is that too much to ask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    I have a request, Could people who haven't tried the ones they want to try, list why they haven't. Living with parents, friends, etc? Or is that too much to ask?


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