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Thread: Cat image macro of my own kitten

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    Default Cat image macro of my own kitten

    Ok I was gunna post this as a reply in my greeting thread but I wanted to put it here so more would see it :P
    Awhile back I made this of my own kitten Zoey,(whom is currently staying at my GF's aunts house ATM) she wouldn't stay still and eventually she got interested in the camera and the little string that was attached to it, while I was trying to snap a pic of her so she got real close and I snapped it, resulting in a full face shot, which I Then made into a "Caturday" Pic :P and finally decided to post here

    Of course this is her as well while she lied on the bed trying to catch that little string hanging on the camera

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    Aww thats a cute cat! I want to post pictures of my cats but it could help people identify me that I know so I am going to avoid that. The cat that is actually mine, the one that sits on my lap and sleeps with me the most, looks like that except she does not have any white and shes only a little over 6 pounds and full grown! She was the runt of the litter but shes so adorable, and loves me to death, just as I love her!

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