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Thread: Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers

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    Default Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers

    So what is the benefits of wearing the huge pads that are basically diapers without the sides, verses an actual Tena diaper? If they hold the same amount then I can't see why one would chose one over the other?
    Does anyone have any experience with these? right now I am using the pads inside a diaper to provide extra protection during the night because I sleep on my back and tend to flood at night and 2-3 times a week i leak out the back of my diaper. I was just pondering this while studying the package of pads.

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    I would think the pads would be easier to wear under clothes. They would also be easier to change standing up, when out and about.

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    Yeah, pretty much ease of wearing under clothes would be the big selling point. I've tried these types a couple of times, and though I'm not incontinent, they do have another nice added benefit: That of course being the fact that because they are worn in regular underwear, if you feel you have to use the restroom, you can do so much more easily.

    One of the main problems with the true adult diapers is that if a person need to go #2, the only choices are to either completely untape the diaper, risk ripping or massively stretching it from attempting to pull it down/back up or to rip it. The nice benefit of the massive pads that resemble diapers without the sides (I'm not talking little things like depend guards for men) is that if the wearer might only have issues controlling urination, but not defecation, they can easily pull down the garment for #2, without much sacrifice in absorbency for urinary issues, as these big pads generally are much more absorbent than a standard adult sized pull up.

    At least that's my opinion on it.

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    The only problem is that unless they are the type that fit inside of a specially made plastic pant, they can leak much more easily than a full diaper. Without tapes to hold it in place, there is no firm gasket seal against your body.

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    The Tena overnites work really good just around the house and as stuffers for diapers with slits cut in the back. I wear Attends with velcro so they aren't crinkly in public and after a bit i can go in the restroom and untape them, drop and pull out the wet pad and put in a new one so I don't have to change as often. The velcro is good for about 3 to 4 untapings. I actually keep the spare stuck inside my diaper below the back waistband and it doesn't show or get in the way if I know I'm going to be somewhere I don't want to carry my LT bag.

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    the tena pads dont work well for guys. If your a guy, and want a pad, try dignity briefmates beltless undergarments. They run circles around the tena pads. They have a plastic backing, and an adhesive tape. They're great. I'm a fan

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    are they good for floods? The Tena pads I use have plastic backs and tapes and cover from almost the front waistband (usually an inch down in the diaper absorbent) to (for lack of a better description) past my tailhole. It can handle a full flood and I use it as a stuffer so it has slits thru the plastic side. Are you meaning they aren't good for just underwear pads or do you use the briefmates as fillers too?

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    As was said the pads are not great for men for anatomical reasons. But they do make pads for men but I would guess for moderate to mild leaking protection. I use the Tena protective underwear for men during the day and all I got say is F-ING WOW! They are the best thing since sliced bread. I have control issues during the day and they have yet to leak through and onto my pants, not to mention they are discreet and have a high tolerance to absorb A LOT of fluid. They get a 10 out 10 in my book. Sorry just had to give props to wear they are needed.

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    I have to totally disagree with the Tena Underwear for men. I think they are horrible. They fit badly on me and I believe the crotch is not wide enough. I'm not gifted with a large package either. They don't form anykind of leak barrier and they leak out the side. I'd think they would be for light incontinence. I've yet to try great underwear. The best I've bought from store was an overnight underwear from Albertsons grociery store. They hold a lotbut they have no leak guards.

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    I think they have the pad style because of the ease of changing for carers or those that have movement difficulties/disablilities. Like mentioned in above posts, they can just be taken strait out and replaced without any messing about with positioning and fiddling with tapes that all-in-one nappies have. So over all, I think its just to make life that little bit easier for some people.

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