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    Default greetings and salutations

    candor here,that will have to do for now,(until i scope out and gain my sea legs on this board)I 'm a retired military member who is trying to cope with post traumatic stress.find d/l to be helpfull in winding down and just getting through my day sometimes.keep this in mind please in the future,( not an excuse, but i can tend to be passionate and long winded about topics and conversations).
    enjoy reading,woodworking, long range shooting,being out doors. I am married, no kids, two husky/samoad pups that help keep my mind firmly based in the here and now.looking to meet and converse with any and all comers, about any and all topics.

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    Hi there Candor. Welcome to ADISC .

    A vet? Well, I know you're not alone on here. There are other military people on here, current and former. I'm not one myself, but I want to take this time to thank you for all you did over there (wherever you were fighting) to help insure our freedoms and way of life over here. You have my respect, good sir.

    Post Traumatic Stress? Not easy to live with. I'm sorry you're going through that right now. A lot people, myself included, do find the AB/DL stuff to be quite helpful when trying to relax. I think you've found yourself a good, healthy, innocent coping mechanism for some pretty real, tough stressors in your life. There is nothing wrong with that, not at all.

    Thanks for sharing your hobbies too. So many people forget that we care more about each other here than we do about the *BDL stuff. Sure, we all, for the most part, hold it in common, but it is by no means all we talk about here. Personally, I know what you mean about how dogs help keep you in the 'here and now'. I had a basid/beagle hound dog for over a decade, and he always helped me to keep my focus. A man can gain a lot from a dog, for sure.

    Well, hope you enjoy your stay here. This is usually a pretty calm and non-threatening environment, so I hope you can make yourself comfortable here. Again, welcome .

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    Default thanks for the first reply

    t/u for replying to my first post and for the warm welcome, if all members on this board are of your making i should find a comfy home with you all.look forward to meeting and chatting with you and your kind on here,

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    Welcome to ADISC! Be assured that this a very great and supportive community here that is always growing Enjoy your time here!

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    Canadian!!! YES! As for the veteran thing, I went out of my way to get into my high school's Remembrance Day Ceremony. I would like to thank you for all the work you have done for our country. I'm heading to Ypres and all around Europe to pay hommage to the soldiers who freed those towns and countries from the Germans.

    If you like woodworking talk to Link, he does statues and stuff. They are pretty cool. You guys might be able to swap secrets.

    Hope this site helps, but please punctuate in your posts.

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