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Thread: Things people say that make you wonder if you've been found out

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    Default Things people say that make you wonder if you've been found out

    So today I went to the Motorcycle show at the NEC in Birmingham with a friend, who is also my neighbour. One of the things for sale at the KTM stand was a KTM dummy (which, if I'd been on my own I might have bought!). My friend said to me "hey, you could get yourself a KTM dummy". I'm sure he was only saying it as a passing comment, but nevertheless, I still had that awkward feeling of 'is he on to me?' I'm pretty sure he isn't but...

    Just wondering if other people have had people say things to them that have given them that "are they on to me" thought?

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    Maybe he is, and is cool with it... ir maybe he just gets the vibe from you and it was a subconscious comment.
    Of he was just teasing you... who knows, I would need more info

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    I kept some diapers in my dresser drawer, but then my roommate started going through my clothes and things before asking (which I don't have much of an issue with), but I'm pretty sure she saw the goodnites in my underwear drawer.

    Sometimes she points out adult diapers in the store ("You sure you don't need those?") or teases me about wetting the bed (which I don't).

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    "What's this wet adult diaper doing in the trash?"

    That'd make me wonder if I'd been found out.

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    You say a lot when you're drunk.
    the wink is necessary, but yes, I now question what I told her to make her say that. I'm kind of scared since this is really my only "secret".

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    "We've found out about your diapers". It might just be me, but something about that statement would make me think that they found out about them.

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    "Jay, this package labeled 'Adult diapers' come in the mail today. Why are your pants off? Is that a diaper? Is it wet!? Ohmigawd!"

    I hope she didn't notice. >.>

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    "So, do you still like diapers?"

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