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    Alo all, name's Myoti.

    I'm known a little online as a babyfur bat artist. As such, I try to do as much drawing as I can and 3D work (in school for game art).

    I wanted to show a bit of art, but apparently I can't post images/links immediately (understably so ;p ).

    Haven't been a real forum in awhile, sooo, uh... hi! :V

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    hey Myoti welcome to ADISC, I like art too, tell us more about yourself, interests/hobbies.

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    Uhh, dunno what else to say other than the quick stuff already mentioned. I'm into, well... alot of stuff. ;p

    And thanks, Valerye. Glad ya like. : D

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    Welcome to adisc! Gosh, I love your icon. I actually have a semi-OC furry I designed as a bat! Anyways, enjoy the site and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask :3

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    Thanks, and the icon was done by a friend.

    And you made your own bat character? Awesome. : D

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy this site and this community!

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