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Thread: Bambino Discreet billing?

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    Default Bambino Discreet billing?

    Im thinking about ordering some bambino. i was wondering what does the billing actualy say from those who have ordered?

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    Default ships in a plain brown box with "TBHG,LLC" on it, (The Bottom Half Group). I'm not positive, but I believe the billing information would be the same.

    *I can confirm this tonight when my debit card gets charged.

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    I can confirm it right now!


    Q: What will show on my bill?
    A: "TBHG LLC" will show on your credit card bill.
    If you are considering ordering from them, perhaps you should read their Frequently Asked Questions Page.

    FAQs : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

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    What a coincidence, I just happened to order me some!!! ^_^

    As dcviper said, it shows up as TBHG LLC, which is basically super discreet, except that if some SUPER nosy person decides to google that, Bambino's shipping info page comes up :P haha

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    Well hell, if you've got people going through your credit card statements, you've got bigger problems.

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    Why not just buy one of those prepaid visa cards from a grocery store?

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    My bank statement read...

    "The Bottom Half Group"

    still, pretty benign

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    ^Mine did as well. Actually, it read...


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