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Thread: My avatar :)

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    Default My avatar :)

    Well guys I've been a member for a few weeks now.

    And I still DON'T have an avatar.

    Thing is......

    I dunno what I want :/

    If you've read my intro (or if you're gonna go read it now)

    What do you think I should have?

    Nona <3 xx

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    Get the poster from Muppert Treasure Island... first thing that came to mind, which makes it the best idea or something.

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    First thing I thought when I saw your username (Mainly the 'bean' part) is upper-class old english. Don't ask me why.
    So perhaps for comedic effect you could have, i dont know, a monocle or something? Perhaps photoshop one onto a picture of your face? Hahaha, don't take my decision seriously however, I'm only thinking of what could be funny but relevant to your name and bio.

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    You could do a Christmas or holiday themed one, if you celebrate any major holidays in December *points to the left*

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    I was thinking, perhaps a parody of Arlikra's avatar? Most people will have noticed his one, so something humorous related to it might be good.

    Another thing you could do is create one that you can change but keep the basic principle the same. Peachy's is a great one for this, I alter mine to reflect the season (new one coming soon), and coincidentally Arlikra also changed his slightly when he became VIP.

    What kind of thing that is will be up to you, make it original so you're not accused of copying, and something to do with your name is good. Nonabean sounds amusing to me, so I guess anything might fit.

    Hope these tips help

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    Your username is cute, so maybe something...well..cute? I could draw you one if you'd like me to. Just hit me up a PM. .u.

    *has been drawing her own avi's here for a while now, and her current one is no exception*

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