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Thread: Ello' Everyone!! ;)

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    Default Hello??

    Ello' my name is Brittany anyone wanna talk

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    Hey Brittany

    I'm Nona XD

    Firstly, Welcome to ADISC.

    Want to tell us anything about you?

    It doesn't have to be ADISC related.

    I enjoy reading, and spend most of my free time working or studying XD

    <3 xx

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    Hey, whats up. Welcome to ADISC! Why not tell us a little bit more about your self?

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    Hey Brittany. Welcome to ADISC

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    Talking Ello' Everyone!! ;)

    Hi my name is Brittany.
    Im a lil girl
    I live in helena, alabama.
    Im a DL/TB.
    I'll chat with everyone who adds me.
    Love Ya'll!!!!
    --->Baby Brittany
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    Welcome to adisc, but just post again in your other thread if you want to add anything else!

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    hey ya britney if you want I'd love to chat just like post in one of my threads or visiter message me ^^ Welcome to Adisc

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    Talking hello ^^

    Hey welcome to Adisc I'll talk whenever you want my foxeh side is always happy to make new friends

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    I'Ve merged the two introduction threads - one introduction is enough, we don't need two threads saying the same thing.

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