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Thread: New movies 2008-2009

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    Default New movies 2008-2009

    I was just poking around on the internet and I found we are going to be having some good movies come out over the next year and a half.

    • Max Payne-10/17/08
    • The Day Earth Stood Still-12/12/08
    • Dragonball-4/8/09
    • Wolverine-5/1/09
    • A Team-6/12/09
    • Avatar-12/18/09

    This thread is to discuss anything about new movies that are coming out and if you could find any new information about the movies on the list above please post it here.

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    A Team won't be that great, I don't think...Since they don't have the original people...Why ruin the first Day the Earth Stood Still with a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojodiaper View Post
    A Team won't be that great, I don't think...Since they don't have the original people...Why ruin the first Day the Earth Stood Still with a new one?
    You make a good point, I saw that movie in Enlgish class a few weeks ago it was really well done for a movie out of the 50's.

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    They are remaking so many movies these days...And making a lot of unecessary sequels

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    The Indiana Jones is called Indiana Jones and the Crystal Key or egg or something I think...I could be wrong, and I'm too lazy to look it up...I don't know how the Hulk will be...I didn't even bother seeing the other...Dark Knight looks good, although I don't know how how Heath Ledger's death effected it...Iron Man looks...Somewhat good

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    I can't wait to see Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger )...I really liked Batman Begins. Although the A-Team movie will probably sucks (as will alot of these remakes they're doing) they will get people to watch the originals(or tv shows), which is always a good thing.

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    Not so much a revelation but since I've worked at my theater my interest in film has boomed dramatically. My collection of films is growing bigger at a much faster rate than before I'm engulfed by all things movie day after day. Nowadays I keep up with upcoming films and watch newly released trailers, read forums about movies etc...etc whereas before I was practically unaware of when which film was being released, the only time I saw trailers was in previews when I saw some crappy film that I didn't know all that much about...

    I'm looking forward to Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Wall-E and Speed Racer this year. I've watched the teaser trailers for each of these movies countless times. I've never cared for the Indiana Jones trilogy personally aside from the first movie I didn't think the following sequels were very good, I'm dubious whether or not I'll see Crystal Skull immediately after its release, nevertheless I'll end up watching it eventually

    As much as I want to look forward to The Incredible Hulk remake / sequel(?) the character really disinterests me, always has. The first modern hulk bored me.
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