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Thread: Accidents in bed

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    Default Accidents in bed

    Sorry if this comes out weird, I had a tough time wording it.

    Its been happening about once every other month for about two years when I wake up to find myself going #2 without a diaper. Usually I rush into the bathroom and clean up and I hardly wear diapers at all (college student). Is this normal? Has anyone had the same experience?

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    Nope, not normal. If you can't isolate the situation for diet, illness, or some other clear outside influence, you should probably see someone about it.

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    Defininitely not normal. Even though it may be for a lot of reasons, i'd suggest trying some yogurts for intestinal health and, if it keeps happening that regularly, go to your doctor.

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    Fecal incontinence is very rare and is rarely induced, so if you can't think why, and it has been going on a while you should really see someone. Although risks are minimal, there are some possibilities that are quite serious.

    Have a look at this and see if any of it applies to you, but regardless talk to your doctor. For something to go on this long without it being treated your risking making it much worse.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I think a visit to a doctor is warranted. Urinary incontinence is a lot more common than fecal incontinence. Also, tell your doctor if you have additional danger signs like blood in your feces or if your feces are pitch black (indicating an upper GI bleed)

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    No not normal!
    Are you going to go tell a doctor about it?

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    I was wondering, do you take something like Prylosec for acid indigestion? I know that sometimes that gives me trouble, but not to the point of fecal incontinence. You might keep a record of what you are eating, and see if there is some sort of food allergy, or at least something that doesn't agree with you.

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    Are you a goatse? That would explain it....

    "a person who has streched their ass so wide that they may fit various objects into it (milk carton, bottle rocket, cell phone)"

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    What consistancy is the Fecal matter? Is it abnormally loose?

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