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Thread: Needing to go more often?

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    Default Needing to go more often?

    After having looked for a similar thread, and not finding one, I am posting this thread. I have noticed that when I am padded I find myself needing to use my diaper/the restroom more often than when I am not padded. I keep my food and fluid intake the same regardless of padding, but I was wondering if anyone has noticed this in themselves.

    By the way, the poll question should read "Do you find the urge to GO more when you are padded" not "Do you find the urge to more when you are padded."
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    When wearing, I try to keep bladder empty by voiding frequently. This works well when I am moving around, and not so well when I am sitting.

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    I guess for me it's because I'm more eager to go - I 'save it up' when unpadded, whereas I enjoy using nappies for there intention, and enjoy the feeling. Your mind is thinking about it, so I guess it could increase production.

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    Interesting insight, Fish. Never thought of it that way.

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    Well, usually when I'm padded, I end up drinking more, just so I can use my diaper more frequently. So yes- but I when I'm wearing and not trying to wet, usually it's about the same.

    How to vote?

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    Yes, it happens to me quite frequently, when i wear a diaper for long period's of time or having just put one on. Sometime's i feel myself peeing my diaper as well, but only happens if im reading a book or watching tv, i would be watching tv then suddenly feel the urge to go or feel myself peeing a little, It happens at night a couple of times too, i would fall asleep then wake up in a damp diaper, i think this happens because your brain knows what your wearing, and is acting like it did when you were a baby, when would just wet yourself, therefore your brain sends impulses to your bladder really quick, like when you move your hands or feet, the brain knows what to do before your body does it. Therefore the brain is sending impulses to your bladder and telling your bladder to empty or trying to force youre bladder to empty.

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    Odd that you bring this up actually. My body kind of realizes when I wear, and I feel the urge to go more often.

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    Yep I seem to go more often when padded. I really notice it after I have wet one time, then it seems like I keep peeing in the diaper really often and in small amounts.

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    being incontinent for me there isn't a difference, when it goes, it goes and I don't have any control over it. I am thankful for my diapers keeping my pants dry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babydia View Post
    Yep I seem to go more often when padded. I really notice it after I have wet one time, then it seems like I keep peeing in the diaper really often and in small amounts.
    same here. Funny is that as soon as I have the diaper on, my body actually relizes it and wants to go right away!

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