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Thread: hey every1

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    Default hey every1

    yep..not new...just doing this cause i want full access.
    keep on keepin on.

    ff7 4 lif


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    Kind of remember you. I guess you didn't post much.

    Good luck getting full access without 10 rep >:-D

    and welcome!

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    yeah...guess i should add on. i'm a normal guy i guess. i like metal. play videogames...wear diaps every now and again. kind of stinks that there all these rules about full access now. but i guess it makes sense cause it will make the site much more active and making all the members be engaged. but um..yeah. i guess life is pretty good.
    best wishes to everyone in whatever they are pursuing.
    never give up.

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    Just post moar! Go spam 18 posts or something, spam useful information, and then you'll be good.

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    I think its funny how you are resistant to post and contribute to gain full access, but then at the end of your post you say "never give up."

    Anyways welcome to our community, I hope that you enjoy it here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bomb2silence View Post
    kind of stinks that there all these rules about full access now
    i think it kind of stinks too. i don't see why there should be anything wrong with lurking if you want to lurk. especially because the people who don't want to lurk will just do you what you do: start an intro thread and then go back to lurking.

    happy lurking, bomb2silence, and don't be afraid to speak up if you ever see something you want to reply to.

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    Welcome.Since you haven't posted since your intro i guess you lurking

    Please don't lurk we would like you to post a bit.

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