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Thread: Very new here

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    Default Very new here

    <-- ...What? XD Best smiley ever. Period.

    I was originally kind of nervous about posting this, but after experiencing the utter randomness of the pizza, I'm not so nervous anymore, lol. I can't help but laugh every time I see it. Actually, all the smileys are awesome. <3

    Anyway, for all intents and purposes, my name is Kyouya (using my real name would just make me nervous all over again; I'm shy, even on the internet...), I'm 18, and a freshman in college. I've always been sort of an indoor child, so my hobbies and interests mostly include reading, writing, obsessing over my computer, lurking interesting forums, Japanese, drawing, and programming (when I'm motivated enough to do so). I work at my university's computer help desk doing IT support; it's pretty easy work, but sitting in front of a telephone for hours on end can get...boring, to say the least.

    I've roleplayed ABDL storylines before, so I've always known a little about it, even if I didn't know what the letters stood for; though, my characters were usually about 12 years old or so. Never got past the diapers, bottles, and general inability to walk ('cause it added to it all to have them be carried like a real baby---and it was cute ^^) however, because something would happen and I'd have to drop the RP. D: In any case, after finding this site and doing some research on my own, I've become very interested in ABDL; in fact, I'm going to (hopefully) get my first pacifier this weekend. And although I can't imagine myself in diapers or baby-like clothing, etc just yet, we'll see what happens after I actually get the pacifier; maybe all that will change.

    Hope my intro was okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyouya View Post
    <-- ...What? XD Best smiley ever. Period.

    I was originally kind of nervous about posting this, but after experiencing the utter randomness of the pizza, I'm not so nervous anymore, lol. I can't help but laugh every time I see it. Actually, all the smileys are awesome. <3
    You just made my day here. I'm still laughing.

    I love it when someone chooses this. Most people here aren't abdl by choice and couldn't stop even if they wanted to. That being true you hear the same bing/purge stories a lot. It's always fun to meet someone completly out of the normal loop, yet still interested. You, my friend, are very interesting to me. I hope it all works out for you, and welcome to ADISC!

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    Default Welcome ^^

    hope you have fun I just started posting today and the people here are really nice helped me out I actually already have a friend and I am excited when I start making more so have fun and learn what you can cause the people here are not mean like if you bring it up some other places. :bf-kitten-string:

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    Really good to hear that your finally deciding to join the community!
    It can be kinda hard to actually take part in infantilistic activities when all you've done is role-played about it :/ I am housing a new babyfur and he only got padded for his first time the other day. It can be nerve racking or even embarrassing your first time even when you do it by yourself! So don't sweat over it!
    Go get that first paci! The first step is most important because it affects the way you feel about yourself in the community even in the future! Everyone's start is important! Because your gonna tell it to somebody sometime, believe me ;3

    What other things are you interested in? Like games or music?

    I hope you have a good time in this community and meet a bunch of new and exciting people and friends!

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    Wow, thanks for the welcoming replies; and so fast, too! ^^

    I remember having a semi realistic baby doll when I was younger and I'd always have the plastic pacifier that came with it in my mouth; it was nothing like a real one, but I'd always liked having something to chew on. That said, I miss that thing, lol. As for music, I listen to a lot of rock, mostly punk and alternative, and Japanese pop/rock. I hate rap and most R&B but if it's in Japanese, I'll listen to it and probably like it. xD; And I like most any game; I'm currently waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 to come out and Tekken 6 (after I actually get a PS3, of course...)

    Other random information: I have a short attention span (which isn't good for work >>; ); at the moment I'm hooked on Twix, Mountain Dew, pineapple fruit cups, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and cinnamon pop tarts; I play tennis; and I can entertain myself for hours with a balloon.

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    lol do you know when kingdom hearts 3 comes out and if not do you want to? I know a general date I know more than the people at the store I go to and they work with games.

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    I have no idea when it comes out, so a general date would be awesome.

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    it is scheduled to come out early summer late spring with those games and I am kind of excited cause they are breaking off from cartoony a bit and going final fantasy more. I think it looks great. so you said you like j rock have you heard of Gackt and dir en grey?

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    Yes! Gackt is like... -has no words to describe him.- Beyond awesome. ^^ And I love Dir en Grey, too. Have you ever heard of Miyavi? Or my other semi obsession, Johnny's Entertainment?

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    I know of Gackt Dir en grey and Malice Mizer I do have to say though Hyde makes a hot vamp ^^ I have seen moonchild awsome vamp movie has Gackt and Hyde in it. I love anime too so yeah I am currently searching for good jrock songs and bands

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