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Thread: WIA grant, and other government money

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    Default WIA grant, and other government money

    I am one of the lucky people to be unemployed right now, and I am collecting my check form the government. A few weeks ago, I heard of a WIA grant, which was introduced by the stimulus package (well its been around but the stim made it bigger) Anyway, its a federal grant for professional workers who lost their jobs to go back to school. I am using it to re certify my MCSE.

    Since many of my classes are online, I have tons of time to kill, usually in here.

    Anyway, if anyone else is in my situation, you might want to look into the grant, it couldn't hurt. On the down side, I tend to get bored as hell during the day.

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    Well, if you government has money for the asking and you qualify, who are you to say no... Whatever helps helps... /me snugs you...

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