Hey everyone, just last week I was finally able to become quite open about being a DL/*B and now I'm trying to find the perfect diaper. I started with the maximum Depends, and they work okay on me, I like how they're quite loud and thick when wet, but after I wet it about 3 times, it began to leak.

Now I ordered a pack of Bambinos last week, and they should be here by the end of this week, so I'll update on how those are. I've also heard good things about Molicare and the Abenas as well.

I guess what I would like in a diaper is definitely to be a "tape up" one, possibly quite crinkely, and that can absorb and hold quite a bit (From what I've read, I assume I must have a smaller bladder as I can get away safely with about two and a half solid wettings in a Depend).

So in summary, if anyone has any advice, that would be great!