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Thread: This sucks!

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    Default This sucks!

    I was cleaning my room and watching some Pawn Stars at the same time. I knew I had to pee, but it wasn't like a huge urge, but enough to make you know :Okay, time to go" I just had one of those moments where you phase out and stare off into the distance. Well, during that time I ended up wetting myself a little bit, now if I was diapered it would have been a bit of a thrill, but I WASN'T! It kind of pissed me off to know I had peed myself. Like I said, not a full on flooding, but enough to make it visible that I had wet myself, about a 4 inch spot on my jeans.

    Has anyone experienced one of these moments?

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    sometimes if im laughing really hard i have to grip my self because i feel like i am and in the past it has happend =P

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    When you become used to relaxing your bladder muscles, especially if you're wearing diapers a lot, it's easy to transfer that feeling to other times. I like that feeling of relaxation, and sometimes I have to remember....hey, what am I wearing?

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    I too find my self just making it to the toilet just in time or with a wet spot on my undies sometimes too. Granted I am 51 and have been wetting my bed for over 10 years. But most of the time if I don't wait to long I can make it with no problems. I also find it easy to pee in my diapers after I have wet them at least once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooro View Post
    sometimes if im laughing really hard i have to grip my self because i feel like i am and in the past it has happend =P
    This used to happen to me when I was a kid up through my early teenage years. Typically nobody would notice but I got caught by my mom a few times which sucks, especially when you're about 13-14 years old.

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    i think i know what u mean, if I wear diapers for like a weekend then don't wear, sometimes when like I am watching tv i forget I am not wearing and just start to let it go, but i always remember at the last sec. whoa, i'm not wearing then tightne it up and get to the bathroom.

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    yeah ive done it a few times
    no biggy =)

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